Singles Day Continues to Grow: Content Creators to Double Profits

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on November 9, 2022

The Chinese Singles Day holiday (the so-called World Shopping Day) comes around on 11/11 every year. It came about in the early 90s as a sort of anti-Valentine’s Day that celebrates those not in relationships and encourages singles to treat themselves with gifts.

Over the past few years, it has been increasingly engaging U.S. shoppers with a torrent of discounts, and Americans are excited to jump on the bandwagon. In fact, estimates show that Singles Day has grown 1.08 million percent in the past 12 years, with 2021 sales numbers in excess of $139 billion.

According to data from Admitad ConvertSocial, a platform for monetizing social media traffic, content creators significantly contributed to this staggering growth and boosted their own incomes in the process.

Content Creators Are Capitalizing on Brand Excitement to Participate in Singles Day Sales

Traditionally, content creators like bloggers, themed social media groups and content websites are able to multiply revenues every year around this time. Influencers and content creators usually combine several approaches to maximize their reach and revenue streams. This can include direct sponsorships with brands, promoting their own products, affiliate marketing or collaborations.

According to Admitad ConvertSocial stats, many brands and influencers start gearing up for Singles Day as much as two months early, giving content creators plenty of time to transform this holiday into a “shopping season” for optimal profits.

In 2021, Admitad ConvertSocial data shows that content creators were able to grow partnership earnings by as much as 89% by participating in 11/11 promotions around the world. Retail giant Alibaba reported a record-breaking 900 million shoppers last year, which accounted for over 57% of all Singles Day sales, and the number of brands participating in the sale is growing every year.

The holiday is still gaining traction in the U.S. market. Despite this, American content partners managed to boost revenues by 34% compared to non-sale periods, which is a considerable increase. Reports say that over 29,000 overseas brands participated in this Chinese event, including 6,000 new apparel brands and 200 luxury brands, with companies like Burberry and Coach even creating NFTs for the event.

Additional data on 11.11 shows that the number of orders generated with U.S. brands and local branches of overseas brands by content partners has jumped by 33% and is expected to keep growing this year.

American Influencers Can Still Get a Piece of the Singles Day Pie

Partner statistics from Admitad ConvertSocial show that online blogs and content websites were by far the top earners on Singles Day. These sites earned up to 60% of the joint content partner income and roughly 17% of the overall ad partner Singles Day income.

In addition to this, Facebook group owners and social media influencers were in a close second place on the income ladder, coming in at about 12.5% of all income. These were closely followed by themed channels and messenger groups (12.2%) and YouTubers (10.9%). The data is clearly showing that there is plenty of room for content creators to make more money during these 11/11 sales.

This year, it is likely that the top-earning partner categories will remain the same: online blogs, Facebook groups, messenger groups and YouTubers. However, it’s also worth noting that Instagram users are now expected to make as many purchases from influencers on that platform as they did from YouTube, which opens up another potential avenue for profit.

Current data points to the following as the most profitable categories of goods and services for influencers to focus on:

– Mobile services

– IT services

– Fashion

– Electronics

– Online education

– Financial services

While these categories will likely remain top earners this year, it’s also important to remember the potential influence of COVID-19 on these sectors.

Fashion, electronics and beauty will almost certainly remain top earners, but they may overtake the online service categories this year now that the pandemic restrictions have eased in many places. Because of this, content creators should make sure to account for the probable shift in consumer priorities in order to plan the most effective campaigns. This will help maximize profits and streamline the content creation process.

Finally, U.S. influencers who are interested in getting in on Singles Day advertising should also make sure they are in tune with the interests of their local audiences. For example, the top-performing products during last year’s U.S. Singles Day shopping event included goods from Chinese marketplaces like Alibaba and online games. These categories will be in high demand once again during Singles Day 2022 as well.

What’s Next for Content Creators For Singles Day 2022

Singles Day is largely considered to be the world’s biggest online shopping festival, and it is evolving every year. Brands are focusing more on straightforward promotions and garnering customer loyalty, which means there are more ways of working with the content.

Live streaming continues to be incredibly popular among Singles Day consumers, so more brands will be participating in collaborations with influencers to livestream during the event. In addition, U.S. retailers are seeking out new ways to get in on the 11/11 hype, so there are more opportunities than ever before for American influencers to find the right brands to collaborate with and maximize their own profits for this Singles Day.


By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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