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Show and Tell: Unboxing the Everykey Universal Smart Key

Online security is getting more complicated the more digitally connected we become. With practically every service requiring an account–we have way more passwords to remember. 

If you’re using the same password for everything–you’re extremely at risk to have your information compromised. In this segment of Show and Tell, I unbox the Everykey Universal Smart Key and reveal a powerful way to up your device and account security.

Keeping your passwords safe

Security experts encourage us to use more intricate passwords and have a different password for every account. In reality, almost no one is doing this–especially not without some smart software doing the heavy lifting. As major breaches occur at large companies storing your personal information–hackers leverage that leaked info to gain access to other accounts you maintain. Check out Have I Been Pwned to see which of your email addresses have been compromised and in which breach. You may be surprised at how many times your information has been compromised.

Everykey is a tiny, Bluetooth-enabled security device that communicates wirelessly with all your devices. Everykey serves as a physical password locker to grant you access to both your devices and logs you into accounts on those devices–but your passwords aren’t stored on the Everykey or their servers–they’re stored on your own device. If you lose your Everykey, you can freeze it with the app. 

Photo: Everykey

Legitimate protection software

A fun fact about Everykey–the investor behind the company is John McAfee–the iconic creator of computer security software that was on millions of computers for years. With this device, you get easy to use military-grade encryption in a convenient form factor. 

Everykey helps you gain access to all your devices and accounts with two-factor authentication. This means that you have to not only use the correct password but also have the Everykey on hand. So even if a hacker types in your password, the system won’t give them access because they don’t have your Everykey device! 

I will be back soon to unbox more tech, but until then, check out my previous Show and Tell episodes here.