Should You Get Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Published on December 17, 2018

It seems like a no brainer answer for die hard Nintendo fans, but is the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game worth waiting a little bit longer for?

When Nintendo announced that it would be creating a new version of the classic Super Smash Bros. game, fans around the world lost it. The game, which took the Japanese software company years to complete, has 74 playable fighter characters. That number is expected to grow to 80 once all of the downloadable characters are released. The release of the game saw a lot of cross-promotion from Nintendo as well.

Fans could pick up a limited edition version of the Nintendo Switch in promotion of the game. Since its release in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has seen dozens of games released for the console such as The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild and multiple versions of Mario.

In its first week on the shelf, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has broken records around the world. The game quickly climbed to the number 1 position on lists of top and most popular games this week. Its pre-Christmas release date meant that it would be flying off the shelves everywhere. At this point, fans would be hard-pressed to find a physical copy of the game just about anywhere.


But does that mean that users should jump onto the game first thing? Multiple reports of bugs within the game have surfaced since its release a little over a week ago. The first bug involves Isabelle and Villager. Users have reported that the game will crash if the two fighters play a game of catch together. Both of these characters have forward aerial moves that allow them to slingshot objects toward one another. Users began to report the bug via Reddit just a few days ago.

To make sure it wasn’t just a one-time bug, users shared videos of themselves attempting to play with the two characters just to be sure it wouldn’t work. Sure enough, the game crashed. Once the game crashed it would display a notification that the software was ended due to error.

Users have reported a second glitch involving Isabelle as well, only this time it’s when the fighter is up against Walugi. This bug gives Isabelle an infinite assist, so it’s not as drastic as the first bug but definitely gives an unfair advantage to anyone playing against the fighter.

Great Reviews

The two bugs may not be enough to dissuade fans from purchasing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate anyway. The long-anticipated choose your fighter game isn’t going to be impacted by a couple of fighters that, realistically, no one really cares about. The game continues to break worldwide records as one of the biggest video game releases of all time. Nintendo has done it again, as it previously broke records with its latest Zelda and Mario releases as well.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available worldwide on the Nintendo store or in stores, if you can find a copy. The game retails for around $60 and is available on the Nintendo Switch.


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