Could Senator Kamala Harris be our next Commander In Chief?

Published on January 24, 2019

Almost a month into the longest government shutdown in history, people everywhere are asking for a change.

Social media status from furloughed government employees are shedding light on a situation that many are overlooking due to the false idea that one person’s job doesn’t affect the next. And just when the current administration serves college national football champions fast food instead of a first class meal, the concerned citizens of the United States have a new focus: Senator Kamala Harris.

On the January 21, 2019, the federal holiday observed honoring the work, life and legacy of

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Kamala Harris announced on Good Morning America that she has tossed her hat in the ring for the Democratic bid for President. In an article on The Guardian titled, “Kamala Harris: young, black, female – and the Democrats’ best bet for 2020?”, Harris is called a “leader who inspires women of colour” in addition to being called “comparatively unknown on the national stage.”

Kamala Harris.

Harris is known for being an advocate for criminal justice reform as well as being tough on tackling crime, which has garnered her unfavorable opinions from celebrities such as reality star, K. Michelle who took to Twitter to proclaim her disdain for the senator.

And as hecklers start rallying to discredit her legitimacy, due to the fact that her parents were not legal citizens at the time of her birth, those who know the facts have stepped up to shut down such claims. WUSA9 in Washington D.C. threw out constitutional verbiage to remind the public not to make false accusations without knowing the rules of the race.

Running on the trail of Previous President Barack Obama paved, Harris may have a chance at the seat. CNN suggests that Harris “is no Barack Obama” and that her race should be won based on “her own right and running on her own name.”

It’s no shock that many will back her because of her race and sex and at the same time, many will not vote for her because of the same. However, this next round of campaigning and electing may be messy. Come what may, Kamala Harris is ready for the fight.



Maleeka Hollaway is a Columnist at Grit Daily. She is a millennial entrepreneur who contributes to some of the world’s largest business platforms. She coaches and consults small-business owners and entrepreneurs to position themselves to grow sustainable businesses and brands; and she speaks on personal and professional development for business success.

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