For You Millennials, What’s Your Recipe for ‘Aliveness?’ This New Documentary Reveals All

Published on January 22, 2019

For today’s millennial generation, what does it mean to reflect on our aliveness?

In the 21st century, we are surrounded by black mirrors—phones, computer screens, and tablets. But, for today’s “millennial” generation, what do these technological apparatus’ mean in terms of “aliveness?”

Are we merely slaves to our own whims, or are we something more? Tuthill Corporation has produced its first internet documentary series, The Search for Aliveness, which is premiering on January 31. Episodes of the docu-series will stream on The Search for Aliveness website, YouTube, and Facebook.

The docu-series explores and shares diverse perspectives on what people to do feel alive—inviting us all to slow down, reflect, and to begin making choices that will increase our own well-being.

Tuthill’s creative team, made up of Tuthill’s Sherpa of Purpose, Chad Gabriel (host and narrator), Awareness Activator, Erica Magda (director of photography), and Explorer, Vito Pellicano (director and editor), are currently traveling the world interviewing individuals from different backgrounds, races, and cultures to see if there is “commonality” to the meaning of “aliveness.”

Tuthill’s crew interviewing LIVE in Mexico

I spoke with Pellicano about how this entire docu-series came together.

Andrew Rossow: Where did the idea for The Search for Aliveness docu-series come from?

Vito Pellicano: Our purpose at Tuthill Corporation is to Wake the World. Wake the World, meaning to create space in people’s’ lives to take time for themselves, to live their life to the fullest, and follow their passions. As part of our strategy to explore Aliveness outside of our four walls, we were asked to come up with ways to share our knowledge and ideas. Since I have a love for film and a desire to share stories, it made total sense to create this documentary series to explore what it truly means to be alive.

AR: In your opinion, why is “aliveness” something viewers should be thinking about?

VP: Aliveness spans way past just being happy; it’s so much more than that. It’s a deep awareness of yourself and your way of life. With all of the distractions out there today, I think now more than ever we need to focus on what is important – ourselves. People may find this to be selfish, but if you look at it as a way to live from your heart, it will create a wave of motion for everyone else around you to live from their hearts, as well.

Chad Gabriel interviews Jim Peterik, of The Ides of March, formerly with Survivor and .38 Special

AR: What would you say is you and your team’s’ biggest vision with respect to the docu-series?

VP: We hope to inspire people who watch the series to find ways in their own life to create what they want and understand that, within them, they already have the courage and the answers to begin their journey. We will be creating a “recipe” for Aliveness that viewers can play with and use as a guide to help them learn and grow.

AR: We have a lot of business and tech readers, how is “aliveness” something that can factor into their everyday careers?

VP: Wow, great question! Just imagine a business that not only focuses on creating a strong product but also focuses on each of their employees’ well-being.

AR: Have you noticed a generational difference when hearing feedback on what “aliveness” means?

VP: We are still in the process of interviewing people of all different ages. Nature, community, and creativity are some of the common themes that have been brought up in our interviews. We’re definitely interested in getting generational takes on aliveness to see if it something that has evolved over time.

Chad Gabriel interviews Jay Tuthill, Chairman of Tuthill Corporation

AR: If you could get the perspective of “aliveness” from anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

VP: Cowboy Cerrone because he is a professional fighter who has recently made UFC history, and he is a lover of life! He just became a father, so I’d love to hear how his perspective on aliveness may have changed now that he’s a parent.

As for the documentary, we will be talking to people of different ages, cultures, races, beliefs, and lifestyles from around the world. After all, our purpose at Tuthill is to Wake the World.

Maybe, it’s time the world explores what it means to exist separate and apart, because it could be the solution to bringing us all together, as one. Good morning world, it’s time to wake up.

For more information, follow The Search for Aliveness on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Andrew "Drew" Rossow is a former contract editor at Grit Daily.

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