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Fans Pray To Social Media To Redeem “Lucifer” From Hell In #SAVELUCIFER Campaign

After Fox’s announcement that it has sent TV series, “Lucifer” to Hell, fans are making their prayers heard across social media in the #SaveLucifer campaign.

By: Andrew L. Rossow, Esq.

British Actor, Tom Ellis, portraying Lucifer Morningstar in the Fox series, “Lucifer”

Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, fans across the globe are praying to the power of social media through the #SAVELUCIFER campaign, in efforts to bring back their favorite devil, “Lucifer”, after Fox announced yesterday the three-season series was being cancelled. It wasn’t until fans took to social media that the Devil’s influence upon us all took effect.

The show, while similar to the CW’s longrunning Supernatural series, has managed to add a level of deep-witted humor to its episodes. Lucifer Morningstar, portrayed by British actor, Tom Ellis, brings a unique twist to the biblical tale of the Devil. Ellis has won the hearts of fans across the globe and has been nothing but thankful for the opportunity to raise hell in Los Angeles from day one.

“It has been the most amazing experience over the past 3 years playing Lucifer and falling in love with you, the fans,” said Ellis. “It fills me with great sadness to confirm the rumours that some of you have been asking. Fox has indeed cancelled #Lucifer; I’m so sorry guys.”

“Heartbreaking doesn’t begin to describe how we all feel,” said Joe Henderson, showrunner for the former Fox series. “By the way, the #Lucifer finale is the best hour of television I’ve been lucky to write…it wraps up everything from the season. But what it teases for Season 4, well, maybe, just maybe, we can #SaveLucifer and show you.” Henderson’s message has taken to social media and Twitter with the #SaveLucifer campaign.

Today’s digital age has allowed individuals to communicate to and at levels that weren’t possible before social media came about. Unfortunately, Lucifer was one of many shows that has suffered the wrath of the guillotine this week, as other shows like The Wayward Sisters and Brooklyn Nine-Nine were also cancelled. But, in less than a day of Fox’s cancellation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, NBC came in the clutch and revived it after fans caused an uproar on social media.

Alongside the #SaveLucifer campaign, the CW also has its own petition floating around the Twitter-sphere by fans and Supernatural actress, Rachel Miner, advocating for the return of The Wayward Sisters.

Let’s just hope that networks out there can see and hear the prayers of fans, and bring Lucifer back from Hell and back onto our television sets once more. Keep tweeting people! #SaveLucifer