Samsung Channels Inner Hypebeast With Leaked S10 Render

Published on February 7, 2019

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen bright colored phones hit the market. Samsung will be releasing its S10 line of mobile phones soon and will reportedly be offering the phone in a variety of colors. That isn’t the most exciting part, as the biggest update to the phone will be—drumroll please—that it’s foldable.

Hot New Specs

Time to relive the glory days of your flip phone wielding youth. The new S10 will be Samsung’s first foldable touch screen phone that can fold down the center of the screen. The Wall Street Journal first reported that Samsung will be unveiling the phone this month. A rendered image shows a Samsung phone folded at a 90-degree angle through the center of the screen. But what exactly does that mean? Surely there’s nothing particularly new or revolutionary about such a feature. If it were really all that special, I would have switched back to my Razr long ago.

Why Foldable?

First off, the ability to simply fold the phone in half when you’re not using it would eliminate the need for the case. A huge part of the mobile phone industry revolves around making the devices sleeker, thinner, and lighter. People will shell out a thousand dollars in the blink of an eye to get the new iPhone just because it’s a tiny bit smaller than its predecessor, only to shove it into an Otter Box the size of a small brick. Having a phone that can simply fold up and go into your pocket? Brilliant, I guess.

The Samsung S10 will reportedly offer 5G capabilities for whenever that technology gets unveiled. The leader of Samsung’s Consumer Electronics Division, HS Kim, announced at CES that the U.S. can prepare to see 5G technology hitting the consumer market as early as the first or second quarter of this year. Other reported specs on the S10 will be an impressive AMOLED display and better battery life. It’s a step up from Apple, which hasn’t done much but update the cameras on its phones in the last couple of years.

New Colors

Aside from the rumored makeover to the hardware of the phone, the S10 will supposedly be available in a variety of colors. One of those colors includes this heinous bright yellow, which we haven’t seen on a phone in years. It’s hard to imagine this shade of yellow anywhere but in a mirror selfie with the hypebeasts of Instagram (check out Billie Eilish’s page for a visual aid). Picture it being held up by inch-long acrylic nails, sitting at the forefront of a mirror pic of a Fashion Nova fit and Kylie Jenner lip gloss. It’s going to be a hit.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be unveiled on February 20.


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