Producer Sam Raimi is Working on Another ‘Evil Dead’ Story

Published on January 3, 2020

Director Sam Raimi has been gone too long. The filmmaker behind Evil Dead and the original Spider-Man trilogy hasn’t made a movie since 2013’s Oz the Great and Powerful. In the years since, he’s produce shows and movies, like Crawl, Don’t Breathe, and the new Grudge remake. Soon, he may produce another installment in the Evil Dead franchise. 

A New Evil Dead Story 

For the last few years, there was talk of a direct sequel to the all-around solid 2013 remake. Ash’s story, of course, continued on Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead for three highly enjoyable seasons of charming practical effects and that classic Bruce Campbell charm. Currently, Campbell and Raimi are working with an unknown filmmaker to tell a new Evil Dead story, revealed by Raimi in a Reddit AMA:

Bruce [Campbell], Rob [Tapert] and I are working with a young filmmaker who is writing a new Evil Dead story that he will direct. As for me…. I would love to direct a new Evil Dead movie… but I’d really like to do it with Bruce. And he says he’s retired the character. I hope not.

Bruce’s Goodbye to Ash 

The actor went out on a high note in the final episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead, with the unconventional hero alive and surviving in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. After Starz cancelled the show, Campbell announced his retirement as Ash Williams on Twitter:

Ash Vs Evil Dead has been the ride of a lifetime. Ash Williams was the role of a lifetime. I will always be grateful to Starz, Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and our tireless fans for the opportunity to revisit the franchise that launched our careers. Thank you!

Since his retirement announcement, Campbell has teased more Evil Dead stories without mentioning any specifics. There’s more to explore and demons to kill in Raimi and Campbell’s universe, which started in 1981 with the classic horror movie.

A Sequel From Fede Álvarez?

Álvarez directed the Evil Dead remake after a short film of his caught Raimi’s eyes. He’s a busy and in-demand director, so he probably hasn’t had the time to direct a sequel to his well-received remake. It’s a possibility, though. During Raimi’s Q&A, he said an Evil Dead sequel would happen in a second if Fede wrote and/or directed it. Recently, he became attached to a wonderful-sounding horror movie set in The White House.

The Rest of Sam Raimi’s Q&A

Raimi spent his time well on Reddit. He revealed all sorts of gems, including his favorite movie of the year, 1917, and why he thought John Malkovich would’ve been the perfect Vulture in the canned Spider-Man 4:

Because he’s such a powerful actor. I could fear him and worry for Peter Parker. And it’s just the craft of casting. Basically it boils down to this : I believe that he could be that guy.

Raimi delivered an inspiring answer to an aspiring filmmaker:

Write every day…. and shoot some film or video every week. Tell a little story all the time. Keep the story in your head and keep it alive. Keep thinking about it. Working on it. What would come next? What does the main character want? What is the main character’s conflict? How will they resolve it? Keep writing… and you will be a writer. Keep shooting, cutting and showing your small films… and you will be a filmmaker. 

But the most satisfying answer of them all, Raimi looking back at the movie that started his career, Evil Dead:

Bruce, Rob and I were just trying to break into the business. Trying as hard as we could to make a movie good enough to play in the Drive In’s. We were thrilled when it did. Never had any expectations beyond that. Horror movies were not even a thing that you would consider to be highly praised, unless you were talking about the Cabinet of Doctor Caligari or Frankenstein. Those were very rare. I never considered it as anything other than it was. A good drive in flick. I’m surprised it’s lasted this long.

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