Ronan Farrow Severs Ties With Publisher Over Woody Allen Memoir

Published on March 4, 2020

Ronan Farrow is cutting ties with his publisher, Hachette, after the company announced that one of its imprints is publishing Woody Allen’s memoir.

Woody Allen is Farrow’s father. For nearly 30 years, Ronan Farrow’s sister, Dylan Farrow has alleged that Allen abused her as a child. The full history of this family is long and deeply complex. However, Farrow has always publicly maintained support for his sister. He’s made it very clear that he believes her allegations against their father.

Farrow responded to Hachette’s announcement in a lengthy tweet, saying,

“It’s wildly unprofessional in multiple obvious directions for Hachette to behave this way. But it also shows a lack of ethics and compassion for victims of sexual abuse, regardless of any personal connection or breach of trust here.”

He went on to say that he could not in good conscience work with a publisher that would choose to conduct itself in this way.

Farrow and Hachette

Hachette published Farrow’s 2019 book Catch and Kill. The book follows Farrow’s investigation into the Weinstein allegations. It’s centered entirely on believing women and their stories of sexual abuse. Farrow’s book is very clearly a testament to his dedication to taking down abusers, especially those who wield influence in society.

Ronan Farrow is also currently working on a documentary series for HBO. The series will investigate threats against journalists working to expose abuse by powerful interests. His newest project is in keeping with his personal mission to expose those who abuse their power.

The Woody Allen Memoir

Woody Allen’s memoir, Apropos of Nothing, will hit shelves on April 7.

According to the publishers,

“The book is a comprehensive account of his life, both personal and professional, and describes his work in films, theater, television, nightclubs, and print. Allen also writes of his relationships with family, friends, and the loves of his life.”

It’s unclear whether the memoir will address the allegations against him. It’s hard to imagine that he wouldn’t touch on it in some way. Allen has long denied any wrongdoing, repeatedly pushing back against allegations that he abused his daughter. Presumably, the memoir will continue that trend.

In his statement severing ties with Hachette, Farrow says his sister did not have the opportunity to respond to any characterizations of her abuse that may exist in Allen’s book.

Given the allegations against him and his highly controversial marriage, Woody Allen has long been a source of controversy in Hollywood. Despite the allegations against him he still has some prominent supporters remaining in the industry.

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