Romanian pop artist Alina Fierra puts her own “spin” on Reggaeton

Published on May 19, 2019

There are many artists with great talents, but not every artist has the creativity and the mindset to break down barriers in this industry quite like Alina Fierra.

Alina says music is her “…top priority and won’t let anything stand in her way.”

Alina Fierra is an singer-songwriter and and live show producer who has galvanized a few top names in her corner. But this didn’t just start now.

Fierra’s creativity started at a young age. As a teenager, Alina worked with two of the most renowned choreographers in Romania. Later, she and her mother emigrated to the U.S. She continued her schooling at UCLA where she studied music production. This led to a very significant and long lasting connection with music producer Jeff Lewis.

On Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis is the music production prodigy who toured with The Jackson 5, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Lenny Williams, Tom Johnston, Bill Summers, and TIERRA.

He later branched out on his own as a musician. He then put his skills to the true test when he started his own music production outfit, Moonlight Studios, with his partner David Vasquez.

Their success with Moonlight Studios led them to record and produce for innumerable independent artists.

Along with being a prodigy and company owner, Jeff is also both a recording and performing member of the legendary band from East Los Angeles, TIERRA. Their hit song from 1981 “Together” earned the group recognition as “Best R&B Vocal Group” from Billboard and Cashbox magazine.

With a sound that created success, the band is still going strong today. They plan to be in concert this month along with WAR & KC and The Sunshine Band to perform at the Greek Theater in LA, May 25th.

A generation later, Alina paved her own way through the music industry and is making history along the way. Alina became the first artist to launch a flash-mob style reality music video, for example.

From split, to solo
Alina calls her first solo album all “heart and passion.”

Her first band, Beyou, recorded an entire album with the help of Jeff Lewis at Moonlight Studios. They later won Best International Band of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards, and opened for the ladies of the Supremes. Soon after the band split, with Alina continuing on as a solo act. She wrote and produced her own musical shows, such as Revolution Evolution show, Beyou Show, and the Jazzare show.

Grit Daily spoke with with Alina to get a bit more personal about her life growing up and her experiences making music.

Grit Daily: What was that first spark that drove you to music?

Alina Fierra: Actually I was in the first grade when I fell in love with music. I was part of a Mary Poppins musical in one of the most prestigious theaters in Romania. And right after that I was the youngest choreographer and producer to have an international show outside of the country.

GD: Where did you learn to dance (like that)?

Alina Fierra: It was kind of a funny story because my mother actually came from a very wealthy family. But when my father passed away she was just too proud to accept or ask for any help. She took me and rented a cheap apartment on top of a mountain in Transylvania, and it was so cold but we couldn’t afford any heat. But she taught me how to dance just to get warm before we go to bed. We would definitely sweat and then we’d jump in the bed and cover ourselves with a blanket, so that’s how we go warm.

On her way to set more ground breaking records, Alina Fierra is on her way to releasing the first music video ever to be created in its entirety on Snapchat.

Now set to release her first solo album starting May 22nd, there will be a slow-release of the album—one song per month for thirteen months. The first single of the album being released is “Do It Now”, a modernized version of the classic Bo Diddley beat and featuring Jamaican rapper General Jah Mikey.

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Vanessa Morgan is a Columnist at Grit Daily News. She works at music production studio, Poze Productions.

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