Robert Herjavec, the Shark Tank-famous investor, is bringing his business fortitude to a new venture: menswear.

The Herjavec Collection by Buttercloth, released this past Friday, offers shoppers a range of professional yet stylish blue-toned shirts that pair well with both blazers and jeans. For the more adventurous business casual dressers, Herjavec’s curated designs also include purple, red and gold-toned shirts as well. The shirts are made of Buttercloth’s signature long-fiber cotton, which has a soft, wrinkle-resistant weave.

The special fabric is one reason Herjavec invested $250,000 into the brand when founder Danh Tran appeared on Shark Tank in October 2018.

“I’ve never seen a shirt like this built with long-fiber cotton. It’s something you just have to feel to believe,” Herjavec says. “And then when you wear it, you’re a customer for life. That’s why I backed Buttercloth.”

The shirts retail at approximately $118 and are available in size small through 3XL.