Rihanna Is Releasing A $5,000 Coffee Table Book

Published on October 11, 2019

This book holds more power than the Sanderson Sisters’ spellbook.

Rihanna—a.k.a. maybe the only person on earth that could get away with this, has announced that she will be releasing an autobiographical coffee table book. Certain copies of which will retail for over $5,000, according to Phaidon, the online retailer facilitating transactions of the book. Fans of the singer turned entrepreneur, clothing designer, and cosmetics extraordinaire may not be getting a new album anytime soon, but they will be able to flip through a book full of never before seen content.

Rihanna took to Instagram to announce the new book earlier this month, which she revealed was a long time in the making and will feature tons of never before seen photos taken throughout her career. With lingerie and cosmetics under her belt, Rihanna is taking her first step into the art industry with the release of the new book. “Over 5 years in the making… happy to finally share this collection of incredible memories. Thank you to all of the photographers and artists that contributed and to @phaidonsnaps for working with me to publish my first piece of art in a new industry!” she wrote on Instagram.

Various artists and photographers have contributed to the book, which fans can buy a copy of without opting for the luxury version. Phaidon, a book publisher and art collective that publishes great works from artists around the world, is behind the publishing of the project. The more expensive option of the book comes with a custom book stand that sits atop a coffee table, making the book appear as if it’s just splashed into a pool of liquid gold (this is all sounding very Rihanna). For us peasants who cannot afford to skimp out on our student loans for the next few years, RiRi has blessed us with a $175 option of just the book.

Rihanna book
Rihanna fans when they get their hands on her new coffee table book.


Timing for the book comes, as always, at a great time for RiRi. The entrepreneur has made headlines recently with the success of Savage X Fenty, her lingerie brand, after its last fashion show went viral online for being—um, amazing? Stars like Bella Hadid and Halsey graced the stage at the New York Fashion Week event in mid-September, adorned in lace and rhinestones and neons and animal prints that are each as bold as their designer, Rihanna herself.

Many attribute the rise of Savage X as a major player in the downfall of Victoria’s Secret, another major lingerie retailer that operates in a similar price range. Victoria’s Secret has suffered in recent months after major scandals have rocked the company and its parent, L Brands. Savage X had just taken off when Victoria’s Secret started to go downhill, giving the company a chance to take many of Victoria’s Secrets’ loyal customers at exactly the right time. Young consumers didn’t want to support a brand that operated on the ethos of transphobia, and Savage X had entered the market, conveniently, right when all of these consumers were looking for a new go-to brand.

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