Getting Between Boroughs just Got Easier, Cheaper, and a Lot More Fun

Published on August 6, 2018

In spite of the fact the boroughs border each other, you can spend huge swaths of time traveling between Brooklyn and Queens. Thankfully, resourceful private companies are slowly resolving this issue. Now, there is a new way to say “good bye” to the G train. After a stream of new ways to travel NYC — scooters, bike shares, electric bikes to name a few — Revel Transit is bringing electric mopeds to the streets.

The Revel Story

Born out of the brains of two coworkers turned business partners, Revel Transit is an innovative approach to the seemingly never-ending problem of how to get around the most populated city in the country. The goal of the company, based out of Brooklyn, is “to make getting around fast, affordable, and way more fun.” While other forms of two-wheel ridesharing are becoming mainstream, the concept of electric moped ridesharing is still very new to the world at large. Revel will be the first company of its kind in New York City. 

How does Revel work?

The excitement of riding through New York City traffic aside, the rideshare service is also simple and very easy to use. Riders over 21 years of age only need a U.S. driver’s license with a safe driving record to register. The user-friendly app allows the rider to rent the moped immediately or reserve it up to 15 minutes in advance. In an attempt to make the entire experience convenient for the always busy New Yorker, there are no keys to worry about and, since it is entirely electric, no need to refill gas after use. Simply take a moped, ride to your destination, park, do what you have to do, and return back to a Revel docking station after the ride. The electric mopeds are charged at the docking station between rides.


For some, riding through New York’s busy streets can feel intimidating. However, if this is your first time riding a moped, Revel has a way to help learn the rules of the ride. Upon registration, Revel offers a free lesson to anyone who needs it. The lesson is mandatory for first-time riders. The rules to ride are pretty straightforward: be over 21 years of age, have a valid U.S. driver’s license and a safe driving record, and wear a helmet. Helmets are available at the docking station and the speed for each moped is capped at 30 MPH.


For now, the service is limited to Brooklyn and Queens, although Revel hopes to expand into neighboring Manhattan soon. The cost for a Revel electric moped is $4 for a 20-minute ride with an additional $0.25 per minute after for riding and $0.05 per minute to park and wait. Docking stations are located in Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Greenpoint, with more expansion planned for the future. For now, it’s up to Brooklyn residents to test out the new ride. 

Ready to ride? Get more information and sign up on the Revel Transit website.

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Alicia Raeburn is a Former Contributor at GritDaily.

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