No More Brown Paper Bags: Kids Lunches Just Got a Lot More Fun

Published on August 10, 2018

 Mealtimes can be one of the easiest places to cut down on waste. Takeout containers, plastic utensils, and throw away napkins are yet another way a disposable lifestyle is taking up precious space in the world’s landfills. As children do not normally have much of a say in what they bring for meals or the reason behind it, it is up to the parents to turn these moments in teachable ones. Teaching values regarding a low-waste lifestyle to young children does not have to be challenging. In fact, it can be as simple as swapping out what their school lunch is packed in. It’s true that a simple conversation about environmental practices could fall flat on young ears. However, providing a child with a fun, vibrant, reusable lunch bag, and taking the time to explain why can make this conversation much more relatable

Why are reusable lunch bags important?

Reusable lunch wear is nothing new, many products and companies have been around for decades. However, the variety and quality continue to change and evolve over time. Companies are routinely finding different ways to encourage people to use longer-lasting products in convenient ways. MyFunkins is one such company. The products feature patterns designed by the kids they serve and the company was created by a mom who understands the challenges parenting brings. Now, MyFunkins is distributing cloth napkins–that double as placemats–and lunch bags with a purpose and a passion that is both trustworthy and fun. As stated on the website, their mission is simple. “At Funkins, we believe it is our responsibility to instill environmental values in our children – and for us, it starts in their lunchbox.”

The MyFunkins Story

MyFunkins started when Lisa’s child’s montessori school began to require waste-free lunches for the students. After a search for fun cloth napkins turned up empty, Lisa realized there was an opportunity to turn the school’s rule into a way to teach children about a waste-free lifestyle at a young age. The newest line of limited edition bags were designed by children to focus on the themes of friendship and kindness. The bags sport slogans like “No one eats alone” and “Be kind” scattered across the fronts of them. After all, mealtimes are really a space to share the day with people you love. What better way to encourage this idea than by teaching children to be mindful of others around them and the environment they will someday need to protect.

As a mom, CEO and creator Lisa Baumgartener understands the need for children’s products to be enjoyable for the young folks who use them while also being practical for the parent who will likely care for them. The patterns on each product pop with child-friendly themes, shapes, and colors. Lunch bags are made from insulated neoprene with zippers and pockets in all the right places. The bags are also refreshingly free of the usual chemical suspects such as lead, phthalate, PVC, and BPA. To top it all of, all of the products are machine washable.

All MyFunkins products can be found on their website. Don’t like the designs they have? Custom options are available for students of schools and nonprofits to design.

Alicia Raeburn is a Former Contributor at GritDaily.

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