Restaurants Offering Free Toilet Paper With Delivery

Published on April 2, 2020

During these past few months, we’ve seen the rise and high demand for essential products. Retailers and wholesalers are low or either running out of certain primary products that we need. At the top of the list is toilet paper. Since the announcement of COVID-19 and it’s categorization as a pandemic, citizens took it upon themselves to make sure they are all stocked up on supplies. Toilet paper has been in high demand and one thing that everyone needs but can’t seem to find anywhere. If you do find it, you will have to go to war with whoever finds it at the same time as you. 

Grocery stores and other places have become a war zone for a pack of Charmin, but don’t fear, the restaurant heroes have come to save you and your bottom – and maybe give you a laugh at the same time. Yes, that’s correct; a restaurant may have your back on this one. Some restaurants around the world are providing free toilet paper with your delivery purchase. It sounds crazy, but it’s actually a smart idea.

Restaurants To The Rescue

Most restaurants have closed due to the pandemic and to help ensure safety, restaurants all around the country are resorting to takeout or delivery methods. With this, some restaurants are putting smiles on people’s faces and trying to make the best out of the situation by adding a roll or two of toilet paper when someone places a delivery. 

In Cambridge, Minnesota, a local bar called Cambridge Bar & Grille offered a free roll of toilet paper when your order is over $25. Along with them, Beacon Tap was giving away toilet paper with every delivery or takeout order. I think seeing something like this can warm anyone’s heart because not only are we helping out and supporting restaurants and local businesses during this time, they are helping their customers out along the way. Times like these everyone needs a good laugh once in a while, and it sure did leave customers smiling. 

Grocery Takeout

Not only are some restaurants offering toilet paper with delivery, but some restaurants are offering grocery supplies as well. In these times where uncertainly may develop in people’s minds, humanity never ceases to come out and amaze everyone. Local restaurants in Boise are taking a step down from their usual routine and helping others out during this time. Restaurants were offering flour, beans, toilet paper and any other essentials they could get their hands on to customers. They’re being called pop-up grocery stores in some states where restaurants are giving away more than just-food. Not only are these restaurants giving away these essentials, but they are also giving people and the world hope. 

It lets us know that we still have a little bit of humanity left in us, and if we pass it down to one another and let the cycle continue, maybe the message will spread and others will continue to do the same.

Jori Ayers is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in Tampa, Florida. She was formerly with the editorial team at Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

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