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Raging Bull Co-Founders, Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond on Mentorship and Scaling Past $70 Million in Less Than 7 Years

What is the biggest success hack in life? Find a mentor early on in your journey to cut the learning curve by years. When Jason Bond was $200,000 in debt, he met Jeff Bishop, a multi-millionaire investor and started learning about the world of stocks and investing.

His income went to 7 figures plus, the two men together co-founded, a world class investment education platform.

In less than 7 years, they too the company to a value over $50 Million. Want big success? Find someone that has what you want and learn from them, that’s the biggest success hack.

Jeff and Jason took very different paths to investing success. Jeff was the original mentor, with nearly 20 years of experience under his belt. He failed building 4 businesses, even tried his hand as an online poker player, but learned each step of the way to becoming a multi-millionaire before the age of 35.

“Finding mentors very early on before you get buried cause most people can’t get out of that quarter million dollars in debt.
-Jason Bond

Now he dabbles in virtually every aspect of the market, but has a special gift and passion for trading options and has become the #1 live-streaming stock options trainer in America.

Jason thought he would spend his life in traditional education. He was high school teacher that taught for a decade, $250,000 in debt, but continuing for his 2nd Masters degree to become a principal. He then jumped ship from his safe and comfortable career to start trading stocks.

Jason got very good at the volatile area of Penny Stocks and started Jason Bond Picks making seven figures a year.

We learn about strategies of scaling a $50 Million company in this episode of the Create Your Own Life Show with Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond.