Puffy Delivery Is Using Amazon’s Model With Cannabis

Published on June 11, 2019

Anyone on Instagram has likely seen a wave of influencers sporting a bubbly-looking Puffy Delivery brand hoodie. The thing is, they’re not a clothing brand. They’re a cannabis brand.

Michael Ng, Patrick Martin, and Bear Degidio — co-founders of Puffy Delivery, a cannabis delivery service based out of Orange County, CA — started their business with a simplified way of looking at cannabis: as a retail product.

While cannabis delivery services have existed since medical marijuana started becoming legalized in the U.S., they still remain regionalized. Puffy Delivery provides a streamlined platform that allows all customers access to the same product inventory and delivery, regardless of location.


Within the past few months, they have ramped up their marketing and growth initiatives.

They have secured licenses to deliver cannabis in several major cities and counties across California, like Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, and San Francisco. So, while they have access to the major markets in the state, they don’t have carte blanche to deliver statewide (no cannabis delivery service does).

Puffy Delivery is also expanding to Nevada and Oregon, the latter being where the co-founders developed their first cannabis business, Mr. Nice Guy. Last month, Puffy Delivery secured licensing for Las Vegas and now offers 24-hour delivery service in the city.


Ultimately, the company’s quick and high-profile success can be attributed to the design of the company and platform. Unlike other cannabis delivery services, Puffy Delivery treats cannabis as a retail good and its site is designed to service the product as such.

Its infrastructure is built like a modern tech company and, as such, is designed for fast and large scalability.

Other delivery services that were earlier to market are often hindered by the fact that they developed firstly as a platform for medical marijuana delivery. Eaze, the San Francisco-based delivery service that raised over $51 million in venture capital, is a prime example of this. While it does deliver throughout California and Oregon, its platform lacks the streamlined ease of Puffy Delivery.

Currently, Puffy Delivery is already the largest service provider for Weedmaps, the platform that cannabis customers can use to find cannabis delivery services and products in their area.

In that vein, they have been able to scale their delivery efforts so quickly because the company contracts cannabis delivery drivers using similar models to Amazon Fresh, Postmates, and other on-demand delivery services.

The company has also been quite effective with its branding and marketing strategy. By blitzing the Instagram influencer space with their somewhat mysterious hoodies, Puffy Delivery has easily become the coolest weed brand delivery service by far.

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