Profi Aims to Be the New Office Space for Professional Service Providers

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Published on October 5, 2021

To say that the pandemic has had an impact on the workplace is an understatement. For some, it has been catastrophic. But for others, it has been somewhat freeing. This is especially true for those that have been looking for a good excuse to ditch the office and take their operations virtual.

And that’s where Profi comes in. The innovative new company headed by founder and CEO Alina Trigubenko and Executive Chairman Adam Miller recently launch a new, secure professional services operating platform for collaboration, billing, scheduling, reporting, client and team management and more. The Profi platform is a cloud-based service that helps professional service providers – solopreneurs, teams and organizations – increase revenue through optimized service delivery, deeper client activation and automated business processes. 

Alina Trigubenko, founder and CEO of Profi.

“The team at Profi has worked diligently to develop the most comprehensive platform available for professional service providers – coaches, consultants, trainers and therapists,” said Alina Trigubenko, founder and CEO of Profi. “Traditional tools are fragmented and don’t take into account the unique needs of today’s busy, remote working professionals and their clients. We designed Profi so that it would fit those needs. There is no other all-in-one platform that is specific to this niche.” 

The Profi platform provides tools and workflow automations that help busy professionals increase client engagement, manage teams and services, provide customized client experiences,  securely collaborate, manage and automate payments. The platform is flexible, in that it is able to scale as an organization’s business grows. The end result is an all-in-one solution that helps busy professionals automate cumbersome admin tasks, allowing them to focus more on providing services and growing their businesses. All that is required of professionals is a willingness to show up for their service delivery (session, appointment, etc), Profi handles the rest.

“Profi was built by service professionals for service professionals,” added Executive Chairman Adam Miller. “A lot of professionals I talk to don’t think that a solution that fits their needs exists, especially one that is robust, modern and flexible. Instead, they either spend a ton of money on custom development or try to cobble together bits and pieces from other vendors.”  

Instead, Profi is laser-focused on professional services from all sectors, including training, accounting, financial services, legal, marketing, HR, wellness, coaching, healthcare and more. The Profi team consists of trainers, coaches, consultants and health & wellness providers/therapists, who designed the platform for their own uses as well, so they understand the specialized needs of various industries. In addition to operations automation, Profi also includes the ability to create programs, packages, courses, and supports 1:1 and group workflows with built-in HIPAA-compliant video conferencing and secure messaging.

“The Profi platform has transformed our business model and the direction we are taking our company,” stated Michael Kearns, Director at Uxl Limited.. “We are building a community of coaches and consultants with a shared identity and purpose. We are excited about the future and working with our partners at Profi.”

Profi claims an SLA of 99.9% and is completely secure and HIPAA-compliant. All data is encrypted and stored in the U.S, according to the company. 

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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