PriceWaiter wants to be “at your service” as you shop online

Published on September 23, 2019

In early 2019, online shopping surpassed shopping conducted in physical stores for the first time in American history

Everybody loves scoring a good deal while shopping, and with so many online stores in the marketplace, it is easier for consumers to buy. However, the art of negotiating a good deal online is very slim as prices are “as is”– until now.

PriceWaiter is revitalizing the art of price negotiation with their new browser extension that makes price negotiation online fast, simple, and private working behind the scenes, constantly negotiating the best deals with a vetted network of quality certified retailers. “Everyone is looking to save some money when they shop online right now,” Andrew Scarborough, co-founder and chief operations officer of PriceWaiter said. “When you put the price in the shoppers hands, they feel empowered and if they can name their price and save $20 that makes them feel like they got the win over the retailer.”

How Does PriceWaiter Work?

You are searching for a PlayStation 4, a smart TV, or both. If the PriceWaiter browser extension is downloaded, when you land on a page with a product where PriceWaiter can negotiate a better deal, a “Make an Offer” banner automatically appears. You can then enter your offer for the item and PriceWaiter begins negotiating in real time. Making an offer does not commit consumers to a purchase and retail partners can either accept an offer or counter. Think Ebay, but bigger– instead of paying the full price listed, you can bid on items and offer to pay less. “You don’t have to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday or feel bad that you missed it,” Scarbrough said.

Conversational commerce is another way PriceWaiter is making product work for the consumer. There are many ways that shoppers are now able to have many conversations online before making a purchase, but Scarbrough says PriceWaiter is going a step further to help build confidence and trust and when interacting with consumers. “Think is you go to a store to buy a TV and have questions, you can ask on-site,” Scarbrough said. “Any type of conversation that would go into making a transaction we make it more efficient than to pick up a phone call an online store if they even have a number.”

PriceWaiter doesn’t have every product yet, and a consumer could shop around online without seeing the PriceWaiter banner at all, however they continue to add tens of thousands each day. Recently, they added more than 250,000 products in one week, including electronics, baby products and watches. With the holiday season quickly approaching, get your wishlist’s together and test your negotiating skills.

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Jennifer Matthews is an Editor-at-Large at Grit Daily. Based in New York and formerly a producer at CNN, she is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, the Recording Academy, Women in Music, and an ASCAP Affiliate. A media pro and producer of content, she mentors and advocates for diversity and is a regular on the events coverage beat for Grit Daily.

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