Beverage Startup, Pickle Juice Company, Claims to Stop Cramps

By Andre Petrus Andre Petrus has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on May 16, 2023

The summer season is quickly approaching, and that means more time spent outside being active and spending long hours in the sun. But we know what that can lead to – cramping. 

Cramps actually occur as a neurological response to the physiological problem. From exhaustive exercise, to diets and poor circulation, cramps can pop up in a moment’s notice and be completely disruptive to even the easiest of everyday tasks.

Muscle cramps are characterized as “sudden, involuntary contractions or spasms in one or more of your muscles[…] They can be painful, and they may last for a few seconds to several minutes.” While cramping can occur anywhere in the body, you will most often experience them in your legs, arms and abdomen regions. 

Unfortunately, muscle cramps come about through many different factors – not just an imbalance in electrolytes. Overusing muscles, certain medications, heavy muscle compression and even pregnancy can throw off specific muscle groups and hinder your physical abilities. 

But why does this occur? While the actual movements can strain muscles and inhibit performance, cramps are actually found to be a hyper-excitable neurologic phenomena. In other words: It’s all in your head. Or at least that’s the thinking at one company in the pickle juice supplement space. 

Indeed, while it is important to ice, rest and relax the muscle groups, sometimes, preventative measures are needed as well to hinder the reaction before it occurs.

Recently, pickle juice has landed on the market as a method to nix the cramps from the source, rather than the muscle itself. One popular brand among athletes and runners, the Pickle Juice Company created a proprietary blend combining vinegar, dill oil, salt, potassium and other functional ingredients to create a quick and reliable cramp-stopping drink, halting the cramping signal from ever being sent from the brain to the muscle.

Their recipe targets the neurological response on the spot, while additional supplements aid in the recovery process of the muscles. Used internationally by athletes, illness and cramp-prone individuals, sipping on pickle juice assists in alleviating cramping from the source – without using excessive sugars, dyes, and preservatives. It’s important to note that Pickle juice itself works effectively to target neurological responses, but pickle brine does not quite act in the same way. Pickle brine creates the “pickling” effect of food and is better identified as the mixture of food and juices left in a pickle jar.

Pickle juice’s proprietary formula, however, is claimed to be a preventative measure to halt cramps before they happen and will help you recover with its unique blend of vitamins and minerals.

Executive Vice President of The Pickle Juice Company, Fillip Keupens, claims a “positive response” that pickle juice is receiving in terms of cramp alleviation. In an email he wrote: “The key was to find ingredients that stop the cramps before they even have the chance to reach the muscle.”

 Pickle juice could ensure a summer – and year – that is cramp-free. We’re here for it. 

By Andre Petrus Andre Petrus has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Andre Petrus is a Columnist at Grit Daily. He worked at CBS2/KCAL9 under investigative reporter David Goldstein. While there, he researched people, companies, and legislation to retrieve viable information for news packages and gathered material for potential stories. His work led to official legislation being passed in Los Angeles County that required restaurants to use safety seals on bags for food delivery services.

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