B2B Technology Company ViB Introduces New Customer Solution: ViB Deal Discovery

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Published on June 24, 2023

ViB has unveiled its latest B2B demand generation solution, ViB Deal Discovery. This stage-specific sales lead discovery solution is designed to help sales and marketing departments of technology companies find middle to bottom-of-funnel leads.

Unlike most B2B lead generation where teams approach leads cold, requiring time and resources to nurture a lead to consideration, ViB’s unique solution delivers leads who are verified to be actively evaluating solutions in the technology providers’ market segment(s) . In the process of verification, insights like the prospect’s budget and decision-making timeline are sourced, in addition to their full contact information and explicit consent to be contacted by potential solution providers.

“We’re excited to launch ViB Deal Discovery because it will help our clients get unprecedented visibility into the sales cycles happening within accounts,” said Eric Sherman, Vice President of Sales at ViB. “We understand that customers often have to go through lengthy discovery processes and want to be able to jump to those prospects who have active projects. With ViB Deal Discovery, they can do just that,” said Sherman.

ViB Deal Discovery is a stage-specific sales lead discovery program that identifies contacts and accounts who have active opportunities leveraging the ViB Community™. The Community contains millions of technology professionals who join to discover new technologies and emerging companies.

ViB Deal Discovery invites ViB Community members who match the target that the customer is seeking to participate in research on their buying priorities. All responses are screened by subject matter experts, and respondents who are not involved in the relevant technologies or who do not have team members who are involved are disqualified. From this research, ViB generates a list of leads in an active-buying process that matches or closely matches the needed criteria. The lead includes vital opportunity intelligence to help obtain a highly productive first touch such as budget, buying timeline, other vendors under consideration, decision makers and more. And the leads themselves opt-in to being contacted by the ViB customer for follow-up.

B2B Technology companies are invited to try ViB Deal Discovery at an introductory rate available through June 30th, 2023 to celebrate the new solutions general availability. Get an overview of ViB Deal Discovery by scheduling a no-pressure introductory call here: https://tinyurl.com/meetwithViB

About ViB.Tech:
ViB.Tech is a trusted B2B demand generation partner that has been connecting technology providers with potential buyers for over a decade. ViB has built a millions-strong community of high-tech decision makers and end-users who are actively discovering new technologies and emerging companies. ViB offers access to this community through a range of B2B lead generation solutions that help B2B technology companies find the warmest path into their target accounts. For more information, please visit: https://vib.tech/solutions/deal-discovery

ViB Deal Discovery
ViB has unveiled its latest B2B demand generation solution, ViB Deal Discovery.
By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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