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Premiere: My Silent Bravery & Maurico Release “BOOM!”

Pop-rock artist My Silent Bravery, aka Matthew Wade, hooks up with Nashville emcee Maurico on BOOM!, the second single from their forthcoming album, LIVE, part of the twosome’s planned collaboration on three albums: LIVE, LOVE, and DREAM. LIVE is slated for release this fall.

Produced by Andrew Gallagher of NeHero Music Studio, the extensive project amalgamates flavors of pop, rock, hip-hop, and R&B into unique sonic creations, reveling in the coming together of two artists of distinctive styles, as they share their hope and faith with listeners.

My Silent Bravery decided to pursue his love of music after working through a severe sports injury when he was young. The episode became a cusp of transition, closing one door and opening another – this one leading to a more ‘sacred’ mission. As he changed and grew, “paying it forward” became his mantra, his mission.

Since then, My Silent Bravery’s music habitually appears on Billboard’s charts, iTunes’ Top 40, and Amazon’s Hot New Releases. He’s shared the stage with Daughtry, John Waite, The Wailers, Candlebox, Ryan Cabrera, Iron Butterfly, Saving Abel, Anna Nalick, Bryan Adams, Billy Idol, and Puddle of Mudd, along with touring Europe. He is endorsed by Gibson.


On his part, Maurico’s mantra – Better Music, Better Life – parallels My Silent Bravery’s. Maurico fought, struggled, and worked hard to attain success. Where others may be born with a silver spoon in their mouths, to paraphrase The Who, Maurico was born with a plastic spoon, growing up amidst poverty, illness, and drug abuse. Music was his escape. Sans expensive audio equipment, he improvised, utilizing old cassette players and patched up antiquated microphones.

Later, in high school, he teamed up with a friend, forming a duo. They laid-down homemade tracks, transferred them to CDs, and distributed them, which led to live performances, which ultimately resulted in airplay on Nashville radio. Riding the wave, Maurico went solo, while still in his teens. He produced videos, organized release parties, and employed a promotional crew – a vertical enterprise.

Catching the attention of the Tennessee Recording Company, co-owned by Kyle Cook of Matchbox 20 fame, he signed with the label in 2014, followed by the release of his EP, I Am Maurico, which was featured in Billboard Magazine.

Since then, Maurico has kept on keeping on, evolving as an artist, remaining true to his upbeat mantra. Last year, he released “Goals,” with Rome Logan, followed by a new album, Thanx A Lot.

“BOOM!” opens on deliciously strident synths chock-full of voguish brilliant energy and stuttering accents. Riding a bing, bang, booming trap rhythm with hints of pop relish, the tune rolls and rumbles on tasty potent pulsations, throbbing with muscular oomph.

Maurico delivers the verses on tight and right rapping flows, infusing the lyrics with buoyant timbres, both enthusiastic and proximate. On the dazzling chorus, My Silent Bravery’s rich, evocative tones merge with Maurico’s, discharging melodic rap textures and effervescent surface colors. The two inimitable voices blend to form surging high-octane harmonies.

“I ain’t coming in / Gonna need some time off / Paparazzi taking picture, ooh / Look, back in high school / I was never best dressed / Now I’m looking like a million dollar check / Yeah we make it look easy / We ain’t breaking no sweat / Like Boom! / Yeah we got the moves / Looking like a winner / Feeling like I can’t lose.”

Animated by Alex Salsburg, the video utilizes bright colors and cool simulation to depict the two artists entering a rollicking, rocking house, where a party is raging. Making a grand entrance, the duo attracts every eye and all the attention, “ruling the room.”

My Silent Bravery and Maurico light it up on “BOOM!,” pushing out swanky, swashbuckling flows atop a galvanizing, infectious rhythm.

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