Could Popeyes’ New Clothing Line Be Heading Into Dangerous Infringement Waters With Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Collection?

Published on January 30, 2020

Yes, you read that right. Popeyes, the chicken giant that brought us the popular, always-sold out chicken sandwich, announced a CLOTHING LINE.

But our focus isn’t so much on the clothing line as it is about what Beyoncé might have to say about it, as Popeyes’ newly released merchandise is eerily similar to that of Ivy Park, Beyoncé’s special collection with Adidas.

Beyoncés Clothing Line
Popeyes Chicken

What we don’t know is whether this is a legal battle waiting to happen, or an exciting new partnership to come out of the woodwork. After a few people on Twitter found similarities in Ivy Park’s color scheme and Popeyes’ signature colors, the chain took action into their own hands, reaching out to Twitter user @KennekaC:

And although we do not know exactly what the restaurant chain and Twitter user @KennekaC talked about, it seems that the idea of the clothing line sparked from their conversation.

Earlier on Wednesday, Popeyes’ official Twitter tweeted about the new fashion line. The collection, properly titled “That Look From Popeyes,” features hats, jackets and t-shirts, as well as staple items from the restaurant’s signature employee uniform; as of now, half of the special line is already sold out.

Some neat information came about from this clothing drop. The chain announced that they used real Popeyes employees as models for their campaign. In addition, 100% of the proceeds made from sales will go to the Popeyes Foundation, where their mission is to strengthen our communities with food and support in times of need.

Following the launch, impressed consumers took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

While Popeyes and Queen Bey have yet to comment on the initial comparisons between the two, the launch only expresses more of the creative marketing minds of those at the chain.

And I also agree with Twitter user @financesis, their marketing team definitely deserves a raise.

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