Podetize Cites Strong Demand and Announces Early Close of Its Crowdfunding Campaign

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Published on April 17, 2022

Foothill Ranch, Calif. — Podetize, one of the world’s largest podcast production companies, will close out its crowdfunding campaign earlier than anticipated on Monday (April 18) due to strong support from its podcast clients and notable investors, including Pat Flynn and original Shark Tank star Kevin Harrington.

The campaign was hosted by Republic as a way for investors to tap into the highly lucrative, high-growth podcast industry. ,At least 100 of Podetize’s existing clients were among the investors in this round.

Podetize is already a profitable, scalable, and innovative company firmly entrenched in the fast-growing $1.6 billion podcasting industry. It has 4.2M monthly listeners with 500+ subscribers and 1,000 podcasters on its platform.

“While we’re happy with the monetary success of the Podetize crowdfunding campaign, we’re most proud of the fact that many of the investor supporters ended up being Podetize’s own clients. This is tremendously gratifying and I appreciate each one of them for showing their confidence in us. Our clients are what we’re all about and our ultimate goal is to help them realize higher revenue potential, as evidenced by the numbers,” said Tracy Hazzard, CEO of Podetize, who leads the company together with husband Tom Hazzard.

Since inception, Podetize’s client lifetime value is $14,000, with a consistent 93% retention rate and an advertising conversion rate that is twice the industry norm. Its clients generate an average 54% organic keyword and 39% organic web traffic growth.

In addition to its strong base of client supporters, Podetize attributes its successful crowdfunding campaign to the fact that podcasts are more popular than ever these days. There are thousands of podcasts produced every month and more than 2 million+ podcasts competing for listeners, many of whom are affluent, educated and young. Podcast advertising revenue is estimated to be $1.3 billion in 2022, $2 billion by 2023, and $3 billion by 2025. 

“With such dynamic growth potential, it’s essential for podcasters to understand how to be seen, heard and found so that they can edu-tain the broadest and most engaged audience possible. To help make that happen, we’re dedicated to being the leading experts of choice for the podcast community. We know from experience what works and what doesn’t work, and we share that knowledge in our strategist certification program, entering its second session in May. Indeed, success in podcasting relies on support that is not one size fits all,” Ms. Hazzard said.

Podetize is a leading global platform for podcast hosting and production helps podcasters launch or migrate their podcast to a hosted platform that provides unlimited storage, statistical reports on the show’s reach and syndication to all of the major platforms. Hosting is available for a flat monthly rate and Podetize can help monetize shows through their patent-pending “ad mixing” across their growing syndication network.

Tracy Hazzard and Tom Hazzard, Podcast’s founders, have supported and launched more than 1,000 podcasts for their clients and personally host eight of their own podcast shows. Additionally, they designed over 250 products for mass market clients like Target, Costco, Best Buy, and Martha Stewart that generated over $2B in sales—plus 42 issued and pending patents with an 86% commercialization rate —and have earned their place in a very elite group of successful serial innovators. They have been featured in CIO, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Wired, and Harvard Business Review. An Inc. Innovation columnist and expert product designer, Tracy Hazzard also has worked with leading brands like Herman Miller and Martha Stewart Living and Tom Hazzard has launched over 250 consumer products raking in over $2 billion.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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