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Is Deeper Human Connection the Future of Work?

Josia Nakash (pronounced “Josie”) is the co-founder of The CEO Collective (not to be confused with the women’s masterclass which shares the same), an Israel-based company focused on forging deeper human connections in the workplace. She’s developed “the integral method” as a means of identifying the gaps and bringing teams together. Nakash shared her thoughts on a more connected workplace as a future state and the role that women will play in our Grit Daily Like a Boss podcast

“The next wave of human & tech innovation will be around human connection, integration and cohesion. In order to create environments where people are highly motivated, there is a need to redirect negative human energy to the good of the whole.”

Josia Nakash, founder of The CEO Collective

Nakash lamented how children today are bombarded with thousands of negative images and examples on a daily basis. Over time, that negativity takes its toll. Coupled with that is our incessant dependence on technology – we text rather than talk. Combined, these negative forces have disrupted our collective ability to truly communicate and connect with one another.

“Relearning how to speak and listen to others is the key to unlocking my human potential. Founders struggle with ego. This is the disruptive force that brings most startups down. This new stage – post-pandemic – is about women connecting and helping each other up.”

Josia Nakash

You can hear more about the role women can plan in the future of work by anchoring our collective efforts in human connection. Tune into our Grit Daily Like a Boss podcast here.

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