Planubo Unveils Upcoming Innovations in Instructional Management Software for Enhanced User Experience

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 27, 2024

Planubo, the innovative instructional management software, announces significant updates to its platform, designed to take instructors’ businesses to the next level. 

Planubo, known for its user-friendly platform, allows instructors to create their own booking pages, manage payments, and streamline administrative tasks without technical complexities. Designed for instructors like tutors, tennis coaches, and music teachers, Planubo offers features such as automatic invoice generation, attendance tracking, online meeting scheduling, and file sharing.

Michael Tenzer and Christoph Drechsler, the co-founders, emphasize Planubo’s dedication to simplifying complex administrative chores: “Our upcoming features are crafted to allow instructors more time for their primary passion – teaching. These enhancements promise to minimize the time spent on administrative duties, providing a more intuitive user experience,” Tenzer stated.

The new features include the ability to create lesson packages, allowing greater flexibility and ease in managing appointments and classes. Communication tools will also be enhanced, enabling more effective and efficient interactions between instructors and their clients. Additionally, Planubo will provide a tool powered by artificial intelligence to support instructors in creating their schedules.

“By continuously innovating, Planubo reaffirms its commitment to excellence in instructional management software. Our goal is to ensure that managing teaching and coaching businesses is as effortless as possible, helping our users focus on what they do best,” Drechsler added.

These updates will cater to the dynamic needs of both in-person and virtual teaching, enhancing client management and interaction. With new features such as improved digital attendance tracking and resource sharing, instructors can manage their lessons more effectively. Enhanced communication tools will facilitate better engagement between instructors and clients, ensuring clear and efficient information exchange. 

Additionally, Planubo’s new scheduling tools are designed to significantly reduce the time instructors spend on administrative tasks, allowing them to dedicate more energy to teaching and personal interaction with clients. These innovations reinforce Planubo’s commitment to supporting the unique needs of instructors and clients.”

Reflecting on the company’s journey, Tenzer noted, “From our inception, Planubo has been dedicated to solving the specific challenges educators and coaches face. These latest innovations are a testament to our ongoing mission to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our users.”

The announcement comes when the software industry is experiencing rapid growth and transformation. With a market poised for significant expansion, Planubo’s focus on specialized solutions for instructors positions it as a frontrunner in the instructional management software sector.

Planubo’s approach to development is driven by user feedback and a deep understanding of the instructional sector’s needs. The company’s commitment to responsive and user-centric design has been key to its success and continued growth.

With a reported 150% revenue growth from 2022 to 2023, Planubo distinguishes itself in the market, even among competitors such as TutorTrac, Penji, and Acuity Scheduling.

Planubo will be rolling out significant updates in early 2024, focusing on seamless integration and minimal disruption to existing users. The company will also provide comprehensive support and resources to assist users in transitioning to the new features.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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