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5 Alien-Themed Places Near Area 51

When a joke Facebook event called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us” went viral earlier this summer, thousands began booking trips to the remote Nevada location for the late-September gathering. The event, which will allegedly take place on September 20, has garnered over 2 million attendees on Facebook and created a viral meme sensation over the last two months. In Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, hotels and flights are filling up fast for the weekend, and an official website has been created to drive traffic to a local music festival—called Alienstock—that was made in honor of the Facebook event. Government officials have warned that if anyone were to actually try and break into the mysterious Air Force Base located just south of Rachel, Nevada, they would be arrested (0r shot, as one of the more recent trespassers was) on the spot. Instead of trying to kidnap a real alien for yourself, here are five alien themed activities in the surrounding area that we recommend checking out:

Roswell, New Mexico

Alien aficionados will be well aware of the significance of Roswell, New Mexico and how it relates to the history of extraterrestrial sightings in the American Southwest. A United States Air Force weather balloon came crashing down in 1947 and landed around Roswell, New Mexico. Although the debris was quickly confirmed to be a balloon, conspiracy theorists urged that the equipment actually belonged to an extraterrestrial being that had crash landed on Earth by mistake.  Today, it is widely believed that Area 51 holds the key to what actually landed back in 1947, but good luck breaking into one of the most well-guarded bases in the country.

Instead, head to the actual site of the crash, where the town has spent the larger part of the last few decades branding itself as a Mecca for conspiracy theorists and tourists that hold a general interest in the mysteries of the universe. Peruse alien-themed gift shops and cafes and take in the desert landscape—all without having to risk your life and legal history to get a taste of E.T.

Alien Fresh Jerky and Hotel – Baker, CA

Anyone that has made the trek from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in their life has noticed the odd pit stop along the way that seems to draw every tourist in regardless of whether or not they need to fill up on gas. The Alien Fresh Jerky store has quickly become a local landmark. It’s not much—in fact it’s pretty self explanatory. The store offers a variety of home made alien-themed beef jerky flavors, spacey knick knacks, and a whole lot of gag gift hot sauces. The company has been busy constructing an alien-themed hotel over the last couple of years, but it sadly will not be open in time for the big event this September.

Alien Cathouse and Gift Shop – Amarosa Valley, NV

Perhaps the strangest business in the general Area 51 area is the Alien Cathouse and gift shop (and restaurant), a massive alien/western-themed gift shop next to a lone gas station in Amarosa Valley, Nevada along the Extraterrestrial Highway. Next to the gift shop, which carries every Area 51 souvenir you could imagine, along with every alien-themed knick knack on the planet, is a legal brothel that, if the signs are correct, also goes along with the alien theme. The brothel and gift shop was once owned by Dennis Hof, an infamous Nevada brothel owner who was elected to the Nevada Assembly after he died last fall.

The Extraterrestrial Highway – Southern Nevada

Along the way to the Alien Cathouse there can be lots of alien-themed pit stops to check out, as the entire general area of Nevada is known as the Extraterrestrial Highway. Though the official location is Nevada’s Route 375, getting there requires traveling along the road that passes the Alien Cathouse. Travelers leaving from Las Vegas heading North on Route 95 will turn right at Route 6, and then right again at Route 375, before heading back down toward Las Vegas. The general area is filled with tons of things to check out, from alien gift shops, to the unofficially official Alien Research Center in Hiko.

Alien Stock – Rachel, NV

Of course, anyone traveling to Nevada for the official Facebook event is more likely to get the most out of their time by going to the actual Alienstock event. The festival, which has not released an official music lineup or revealed much about itself other than its date and location, takes place in the remote town of Rachel from September 20-22. Interested attendees can access the event’s official website here. But since it does not sell tickets and seems to have popped up sometime in the last few weeks, it smells eerily like another Fyre Festival in the making—but with a lot less promised.