Peloton Vs SoulCycle: Battle of the Bikes

Published on December 19, 2020

One morning on her way to a gym where she rides Peloton bikes for $39 per ride, a female producer emphatically expressed affinity for the Peloton workout. This loyal Peloton rider had said how the Peloton bike provides instructors and fellow riders on a screen right in front of her, as she pedals.

Unlike the Peloton TV commercials, not everyone is blessed with an extra (oftentimes glass-enclosed) wing to their house in which they can keep, and ride, their bikes. Tiny NYC apartments aren’t conducive to creating heavy duty workout spaces.

But what’s the alternative? The cult of Soulcycle comes to mind. Participating in a SoulCycle class can be likened to participating on a team, or a dance class. Like a team, or dance troupe, the participants are encouraged, by their coach (or instructor) to give high fives to, and to ask questions of, people on neighboring bikes.  To cycle in close proximity to others is an experience unable to be captured when riding alone.

The Peloton experience does involve the more important element, however. It includes the ability to track speed and torque in real time. Currently, all of those real time tracking exercise features are in major demand! From Fitbit, to Smartphone apps, to FlyWheel Sports, the ability to track one’s effort, speed, and distance from second-to-second is a supremely desired feature.

  Competition in this at-home fitness arena continues to grow because above all else people want to stay in shape. As a general rule, people want to look good.  By staying fit and eating healthy they can do this. The option to ride a SoulCycle bike, with all its digital features, is a way to achieving this healthy end. Riding a Peloton Bike, with the aid of its display screen, can even achieve this goal in real time!

Francoise Gordon is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in New York. A TBI victim and aspiring stand-up comic, she has contributed to such publications such as The Daily Dot, The Epoch Times, and The Brelli'. Learn about her through her blog, and connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, or on LinkedIn."

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