Pasquale Rotella of EDC Makes Announcement

Published on March 26, 2020

The flurry of major event cancellations, closures of bars and nightclubs, and shelter-in-place protocols has created a lot of unease surrounding the rest of the year’s big events. As concerns over the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic grow and worries over how long moratoriums on gatherings will last, events planned for later in the year are starting to see themselves in jeopardy. In order to avoid the unfortunate chaos Ultra Music Festival found themselves in, EDC is trying to be proactive. The festival’s founder, Pasquale Rotella, decided to make an announcement addressing the fate of the event.

EDC “Taking Things Day by Day”

After initially saying that he intended to go on with the annual music festival, Rotella made an announcement today via his Instagram.

The post maintains an optimistic yet somber tone. The shift in attitude from his first announcement to this one shows how the dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases worldwide has impacted Rotella’s outlook. The EDC founder makes clear that he is hearing festival-goers concerns, saying “I’ve been reading all your comments and I understand and care about how this is affecting each and every one of you” before going to to acknowledge that “people are worried about their health, the economy, and are even scared of each other.”

That last sentence really shows the crux of Rotella’s dilemma as he needs to balance business concerns with health concerns, while mitigating the fear and paranoia attendees may be experiencing. If the local government and the rest of the EDC team reach the conclusion that it is safe to go on with the event, they still need to make sure that people will come. Rotella addresses the entirety of the issue in the rest of his announcement.

“We want to have EDC Las Vegas as soon as it’s safe to do so. Right now no one can predict when that will be. That’s why we’re taking things day-by-day — still working towards May but keeping our options open … We have contingency plans for June as well as other dates in the fall, and we will inform you no less than 30 days out from the original EDC date … Until then, stay home, stay safe, and above all, stay positive.”

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Get your Electronic Music Fix with Tidal

For those of you who are missing the festival atmosphere as you get through your COVID-19 preventative measures, Tidal has your back. The Tidal At Home program has been broadcasting genre-specific live performances free to everyone regardless of a subscription since Wednesday. Tomorrow, Friday March 27, is their EDM day, and the lineup is definitely festival worthy.

There will be broadcasts of performances by Deadmau5, Kaskade, and the elusive dance music legends, Daft Punk. The buzz going around the EDM world is that this may be their Coachella performance, but with Daft Punk, you never really know. Even if it is, that was an amazing performance that is worth watching.

Head over to Tidal At Home and have your own bedroom rave starting at 12PM EST Friday March 27! Enjoy the show and follow the advice in Pasquale Rotella’s message, stay positive.

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