Pam Hopman: The Financial Planner You Need to Reach Your Financial Goals – No Matter How Lofty They May Feel

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on July 5, 2023

A successful financial advisor and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, Pam Hopman has also dedicated her career to helping other professionals get ahead and reach their financial goals. Now, in addition to her extensive experience in tax preparation and insurance planning, she has added Certified Exit Planning Advisor from the Exit Planning Institute to her resume. 

After years of offering financial coaching services that help men and women understand and correct their financial behaviors and beliefs, Pam is now able to help entrepreneurs exit their businesses in the best way possible. She started her company B.I.C. Consulting specifically for this purpose while remaining as CEO of The Hopman Group LLC.

Throughout her more than two-decade career, Pam has consistently sought out opportunities to help as many people as possible – even those that are traditionally not prepared for her financial planning services. Pam realized early on that many women do not have the financial literacy or resources that are provided to men, and she has created educational tools to correct this imbalance and empower women in their monetary decision-making. In addition to financial coaching for those not yet ready to invest, Pam has hosted a roundtable discussion about money for women and written the book Wealth Amplified!: A Five-Step Guide for the Professional Woman to Make More Money, Keep More Money, and Love Your Life.

Through her proprietary financial behavior analysis, The Money Profile, which she created to help her clients recognize patterns and habits surrounding spending, Pam has made financial literacy and independence accessible to thousands of people. Her book includes a 5-step process for modifying behavior, as well as worksheets and formulas to ensure success.  Approachable and adept at simplifying and explaining complex financial concepts, Pam has built a following as well as a reputation as a trusted advisor. 

Lessons Learned Along the Way

Pam has stayed the course as a leader in her field, but her journey has not been without its twists and turns. After beginning and growing her company in Illinois, she stepped away for several years to relocate to Florida and take a position with a national insurance marketing organization. As Vice President of Field Development, Pam traveled around the country and trained other business owners on how to be successful.

Although this period of time took her away from her financial advising business, she never stopped working with business owners on how to achieve growth. Within those few years, Pam learned about different types of people that she isn’t compatible with professionally and moved on to founding her own business again, this time in Tucson.

Now, having honed in on her passion for helping people overcome financial woes, build better habits, and improve their businesses, Pam has taken the natural next step of helping business owners exit their businesses as successfully as possible. Through B.I.C. Consulting (which stands for Best in Class), Pam helps entrepreneurs raise the valuations of their companies prior to selling. Always thorough in her offerings to clients, Pam is also developing a web-based exit planning mastermind and mentoring program.

As is her trademark, Pam Hopman is focused on how she can best help business owners and operators reach their next step.

Doing Things Her Way

After years of figuring out where her passions lie, how she can best help people, and how to expand her lines of business organically, Pam Hopman has built a thriving business. She prioritizes positivity and organization at work and ensures that she has the help she needs to keep from getting burned out. She frequently collaborates with other business owners from a variety of industries in order to gain creative insight into how she can grow her current lines of business.

Pam has forged her own road, and she is proud to be helping other professionals and business owners to do the same. From personal financial goals to business growth to exit planning, Pam Hopman has positioned herself as an advisor and guide for every stage of life. And that’s something she’s not exiting from any time soon.

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By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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