Palmer Luckey, Frank Luntz and 50 Other Speakers Head to IMPACT 22 Conference in Park City

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Published on October 4, 2022

The Anduril founder will release his interview on nuclear warfare, the metaverse, and more at the IMPACT 22 Conference

From Friday, October 7 through Sunday, October 9, hundreds of nationally recognized thought leaders will gather at the Montage Resort, Deer Valley for IMPACT 22

The IMPACT 22 conference, hosted by the Internet Marketing Association, is designed to spark inspiration and conversation between the most significant marketing minds of our time. It will feature a slew of in-person and virtual speakers – including Palmer Luckey, the founder of Anduril.

The event is expected to obtain over 200,000 views on Youtube and will benefit 4 non-profit organizations including:

  • The Literacy Project, an organization which addresses illiteracy at its earliest stage by teaching at-risk second-graders how to read.
  • California State Guard Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to supporting a volunteer emergency response force protecting California and its citizens from wildfires, earthquakes, floods, pandemics, civil unrest, and other disasters, both natural and man-made. 
  • Operation Underground Railroad. a nonprofit organization involved in the rescue of human trafficking and sex trafficking victims, with a special focus on children, and a wider goal of eliminating sex trafficking world-wide.

All are invited to attend the conference virtually and learn about a variety of cutting-edge leadership and marketing topics, developed by the over 80 board members that represent the IMA.

The many different speaking events will be broken down into six “peaks” over the course of the weekend. Each of these will feature a handful of well-known leaders in marketing and technology. 

If attendees want to tune into specific topics, here are the six peaks and their subjects and speakers:

  1. Peak 1 – Journalistic Integrity 

Frank Luntz, Mick Mulvaney 

  1. Peak 2 – Generational Impact 

Maxine Marcus, Paul Smith, Roland Hess, Victor Cho, Chris Norton, Dr. Melissa Batchelor

  1. Peak 3 – Emerging Technology for Global Good 

Justin Li, David Latona, Lauren Peters, Jeff Vol;pe, Doug Frederick, Tom Peck, Nam Nguyen, Vince Walden, Torrey Ward, Matt Collins

  1. Peak 4 – Security, Defense, and Proactive Solutions

Shawn Collins, Joseph Zaki, David Fernandez, Tom Sauer, Adam Coughran, Blake Resnick, Todd Brockman

  1. Peak 5 – Digital Economies, Web3, Blockchain

Kevin Maloney, Johnney Zhang, Joshua Johnson, Robert Gran, Keith Laska, Maika Isogawa, Liam Grant, Jason Les

  1. Peak 6 – Marketing Evolutions 

Andrea Ward, Greg Schneider, Josh Kreitzer, MC Sungalia, Claudio Ludovisi, Daniel Langer, Joe Megibow

Additionally, virtual attendees are invited to watch the streamed “Startup Pitch Challenge,” which will feature a Shark-Tank-style competition between 9 startups. A panel of judges will select a single winner, but viewers will also have the option to vote for their favorite brand!

The Startup Pitch Challenge contestants will include: 

  • Buderflys
  • NecoTech
  • Objective Ed
  • One Health
  • Ooli
  • OrionOne
  • SampleServe
  • Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers
  • Leisure Project

For in-person sponsors, the weekend will boast an array of special events. The first day will include a gourmet welcome reception and dinner, followed by two days of culinary experiences, outdoor excursions, networking opportunities, and more.

Thought leaders speaking at IMPACT 22 both virtually and in person include:

  • Palmer Luckey, Anduril
  • Jay Symonds, Amazon
  • Shawn Collins, Stradling Law
  • Jeanniey Walden, DailyPay
  • Blake Resnick, Brinc Drones
  • Joseph Zaki, Loko AI
  • David Fernandez, DFNDR
  • Frank Luntz, American Political Consultant
  • Andrea Ward, VidMob
  • Johnney Zhang, USPC
  • Robert Towles, Ink Games
  • Justin Chen Li, Helio Genomics
  • David Latona, Tompkins Solutions
  • Lauren Peters, Salesforce
  • Nam Nguyen, Nom Nom Data 
  • Jeff Volpe, ViewSonic
  • Doug Frederick, HealthCues
  • Claudio Ludovisi, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
  • Daniel Langer, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
  • Paul Smith, Tangram Interiors
  • Paul McGuire, Konex AV
  • Reggie Judah, TV Liquidator
  • Mick Mulvaney, Former US Representative
  • Tom Peck, Sysco
  • Tom Sauer, Miramar Health
  • Adam Coughran, Safe Kids 
  • Torrey Ward, HK3
  • Vince Walden, Kona AI
  • Robert Grant, Ceyeber
  • Maika Isogawa, Webacy
  • Liam Grant, Integral
  • Chris Norton, Marriott International
  • Victor Cho, Evite
  • Roland Hess, Google
  • Keith Laska, High Alpha
  • Jim Steele, Salesforce
  • Joe Megibow, Bright Cellars
  • Tim Shank, Swarts, Manning, & Associates
  • Josh Kreitzer, Channel Bakers
  • Todd Brockman, PIKU
  • Matt Collins, MedLab2020
  • Mary-Christine Sungaila, Buchalter Law Firm
  • Dr. Melissa Batchelor, The George Washington University’s Center for Aging
  • Erin Levzow, Del Taco
  • Kathy Casdorph, e360
  • Nicholas Vandennieuwenhof, New Way Out
  • Don Yahn, Cushman & Wakefield

Sponsoring organizations include:

  • Evite
  • Snap
  • Miramar Health
  • VidMob
  • Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
  • HealthCues
  • Tangram Interiors
  • Marriott
  • MedLab2020
  • Indr
  • Montage Hotels
  • Sysco
  • Built on Vision
  • Helio Genomics
  • NuAxess
  • Nom Nom Data
  • Tompkins Solutions
  • Original Sprout 
  • Hardesty, LLC
  • LS Carlson Law
  • ViewSonic
  • DFNDR Armor
  • Swarts, Manning & Associates
  • Farmers & Merchants
  • Evite
  • Konex AV
  • Buchalter Law Firm
  • Bright Cellars
  • Primior / USPC
  • Vet TV / Xperiential
  • Salesforce
  • Loko Ai
  • Boustead Securities
  • TV Liquidator
  • Delarman
  • Learn Capital
  • Channel Bakers
  • Kona Ai
  • e360
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • Datanetiix Solutions
  • Stradling Law Firm
  • Hughes Marino
  • Virgin Hotels
  • MOON Ultra
  • Ware Malcomb
  • Hawke Media
  • Snap
  • Rakuten Rewards
  • HK3
  • Google
  • + several other added organizations

About IMPACT 22

IMPACT 22 is a thought-leadership conference hosted by the Internet Marketing Association (IMA). Some of the greatest marketing and technology leaders will be sharing their insights on best practices and ways to change the world.

Anyone is invited to attend IMPACT virtually. The event starts October 7.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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