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Fitness Personality, Paige Hathaway On Balancing Fitness and Pregnancy

“For a few years now, I’ve really wanted it, but I didn’t know how I would intertwine those two worlds together. While this happened out of the blue, I’m so excited and couldn’t have happened at a better time.”

At 31-years-old, American fitness personality, Paige Hathaway, has maintained the healthiest of lifestyles. Fitness has been her world, her life, her inspiration. Her Instagram page is one of very few out there that truly demonstrates the level of hard work it takes in such a journey. With over 4 million followers, Hathaway uses her page to curate educational content for her fitness community.

But what happens when “life” literally inserts itself into that world? Hathaway’s world of fitness is opening its doors to her newly announced pregnancy, according to a Thrive Global interview. For the soon-to-be-mom, she’s always wanted to have kids, but wasn’t sure in how balancing those two lives would work.

GritDaily spoke with Hathaway the week before her gender reveal. Since our conversation, Hathaway told us that she and fiance, name, are expecting a beautiful baby girl.

Accepting the Change

Photo Credit: Paige Hathaway | Revolving Mind Media

For Hathaway, this is her first child, and accepting that she is going from a “fit” personality to a “fit mom,” takes some time to digest.

GritDaily: Now that you are expecting, how does this impact your daily routine?

Paige Hathaway: I am almost 32 years old and from Oklahoma. I come from a place where you get out of school, you get married, and you have kids. I’m actually the oldest grandchild, and one of the only people in my family that doesn’t have kids. While I’ve always wanted kids, I’ve put my career first for quite some time. I was always concerned or dubious on how I would intertwine pregnancy with my career.

GD: Why the shadow of doubt?

PH: I come from fitness—where I hold myself out as an fit Instagram inspiration. How would I ever turn this image into that of a “mom?” Although being a mom doesn’t mean the world stops, for the past seven years, I’ve been completely focused on fitness, promoting that on social media. For me, it’s now about how to take that next step into this new world. It’s a 180 for me, where I now have to completely re-brand myself.

GD: Have you thought about having kids prior to this?

PH: For a few years now, I really wanted it, but did not know how I would intertwine the two worlds together. While this happened out of the blue, I’m so excited and this could not have happened at a better time. Putting the official announcement out there has been wonderful.

GD: What would you consider to be your biggest fear or apprehension during this process?

PH: This is my first child, so I am experiencing the new “oh my gosh” and/or “am I prepared” moments, which gets to me. With the online world, you read so many things. Yet, when you read the next thing, you never know what’s true and what isn’t. The biggest thing for me is overthinking and second guessing myself. Personally, my biggest challenge has been accepting my body change, because I’ve been fit for so long. Accepting that change is normal and healthy but realizing that this needs to happen has been quite challenging.

The Gameplan

Photo Credit: Paige Hathaway | Revolving Mind Media

GD: Accepting this change, how do you plan on tackling this new workout?

PH: Since learning of my pregnancy, my doctor has been great. He’s told me that no matter what I was doing before or how active I was, that’s how active I can still be, now. Many people upon getting pregnant, believe they have to stop working out, running, or keeping the active lifestyle they had previously, which is completely false. If you were running a marathon before you got pregnant, you can still run that marathon pregnant. If you were lifting or doing cross-fit, you can continue with those activities.

You can do exactly what you were doing before—but you can’t do more. If you weren’t doing cross-fit before, don’t start it now.

GD: Aren’t you always exhausted though?

PH: Of course. The trick is when you are pregnant, you are always exhausted. Depending upon how your body takes the pregnancy, you may get sick or experience different symptoms. The biggest challenge is being able to go through those symptoms while still keeping to your routine.

I’ve been so tired through my first trimester, which made it more difficult for me to make it to the gym. But I still did it. My workouts may not have been as hard or extreme, because of the energy I was lacking, but I’m still able to do everything I did before.

The Routine

GD: Can you tell us what your routine is like since learning of your pregnancy?

PH: I work out five days a week, keeping my workouts the same as they were before—lifting heavy and still doing cardio. However, I’m not doing as much hip cardio now as I used to, because I’m a bit farther along. I also don’t do lunges or squats because now that I’m showing, bringing the stomach to the knees is uncomfortable to me.

In terms of my workouts, everything is completely the same—I’m still sore the next day, sweating at the gym, pushing myself and being the bad-ass I know I am in the gym.

GD: What’s your diet like?

PH: The craziest part thus far about my pregnancy is most definitely my diet. I used to be pescatarian, cutting out meat two years ago because of digestion issues. By switching from meat, I cured myself. From Oklahoma, I grew up comfortably eating steak and read meet—now the only thing I’m craving is mead, so I started eating red meat, chicken, and turkey again. The only thing I have not reverted back to is bacon—I don’t do bacon and I don’t know why.

GD: Do you have any supplements you take that you recommend to others following in your footsteps?

PH: I am a big fan of LIVbody, which you can see throughout my Instagram content.

GD: Do you think you will keep to meat after the pregnancy?

PH: Depending upon how my body feels, will determine whether I continue eating meat again. If my digestion is okay, I’ll go back to eating meat. I primarily eat plant-based foods, but for whatever reason, my body has been craving steak.

GD: What dietary tips do you have for other soon-to-be-mommies?

PH: First, stay active. You’re going to be exhausted and tired, but if you can just make it to the gym and do some activity, it’s better than nothing. […] I’ve read so much material about how being active during pregnancy can help you to have an easier birth, let alone a healthier baby. Staying active will help you bounce back quicker after giving birth. […] Whether it’s signing up for a fitness class to keep yourself active for 45 minutes to an hour, or going to the gym just to walk on the treadmill—try to stay active 3-5 days a week, if possible.

Second, eat healthy. I know the cravings come and you want those savory sweet foods. Don’t tell yourself no—you can have a little bit. But eat something healthy after. If I crave something unhealthy, I look to fruit, rather than sugary foods. But, it’s definitely better than eating candy.

Third, try to reduce your caffeine intake. Now that I’m in my second trimester, having a glass of wine at night helps. I usually have one glass three days a week. My doctor told me I can have a glass a night, if I wanted. One of the sticklers during this process is reducing caffeine. You’re only supposed to have 200mg of caffeine while pregnant, which is equivalent to about two regular cups of coffee. As I was a big caffeine drinker before, whether it was energy drinks, tea, coffee, or pre-workout products, cutting that intake down to 200mg has been a challenge for me, but recommended.

Last, take care of your body as much as you can. I get prenatal massages often, because your body hurts. It’s about taking care of yourself as much as possible, being as healthy as possible, and following dietary guidelines.

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