Outlier Podcast Festival Seeks to Inspire Influencers

Published on April 4, 2019

This spring, Outlier Podcast Festival brings diverse digital influencers together under one roof to network and leverage social impact.

Ever Gonzalez, founder and serial entrepreneur of OutlierHQ, started the media and events company to provide resources to help “entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their businesses.”

Gonzalez also hosts Outlier On Air – a weekly podcast that interviews so-called “Founders, Disrupters, and Mavens.” This serial entrepreneur has harnessed the powerful rise in podcast creations, thus inspiring his launch of the Outlier Podcast Festival — a two-day tech festival that aims to connect digital influencers and podcasters in an effort to foster networking and establish building connections with one another.

Podcast Festival Designed to Inspire Influencers

Podcasts have become an increasingly popular medium by which people consume information. From topics ranging from  self-help to how to launch a successful business, podcast topics are limitless.

The Outlier Podcast Festival is a “traveling national event held in major cities across the U.S. It provides outliers in the podcasting community an intimate opportunity to collaborate with both Indie talent and industry giants.”

The Festival will take place in the following cities: Austin, TX, Denver, CO, and Los Angeles, CA.

Outliers Podcast Fest draws influencers from all over the U.S. to build connections and finds ways to improve their impact in their respective fields.

Gonzalez’s’ goal in hosting the festival is to “provide an immersive experience” for attendees to engage with keynote speakers, participate in breakout sessions and engage in testing the latest software and audio equipment.

“You’ll have the opportunity to bring questions to the experts during panel discussions, listen in during live podcasts, and join the conversation with other media disrupters.” – Ever Gonzalez, OutlierHQ Founder

What Attendees Can Expect

Outlier Podcast Festival attendees can expect to hear from several keynote speakers. Among the speakers is our very own Grit Daily contributing writer, author and podcast host, Jeremy Ryan Slate.

Additionally, attendees will  have access to free drinks, break out sessions, several live shows, and can expect the networking opportunities to follow the event at an after-party hosted by Outlier in Austin, Texas.

Attendees can expect to learn how to leverage content to build and grow their business. And also understand how tech and innovation impacts the podcast market. Outlier Podcast attendees will also have access to keynote speakers who will enhance their knowledge on how to craft a story and hone their creative skills.

“The key takeaway that I want our attendees to walk away with is that in a festival full of outliers and mavericks doing their own thing in the podcasting industry they were able to experience a sense of community. As diverse as our festivals are our attendees are usually able to inspire and be inspired by those around them as they help each other in their podcasting journey.”  –Ever Gonzalez, OutlierHQ Founder

Outlier Podcast Festival is also hosting a podcast pitch competition called, EarBuds Pitch, “designed to give established indie talent and emerging podcasters the opportunity to pitch their new show ideas at the Outlier Podcast Festival in Austin, TX on May 17th; Denver, CO on July 12; and Los Angeles, CA in September 2019 (dates to be released by organizer.) The Outlier Podcast Festival is a two-day event, with the pitch competition scheduled on Friday night to set the tone for the tech event happening this spring.

An Access Point for Digital Influencers

Above all, Gonzalez wants Outlier to be a space where any digital influencer is free to build, connect and network at the upcoming podcast festival. Gonzalez has made this possible with the help of an Outlier Podcast Festival official sponsor, and has set up a scholarship fund called the Podchaser Scholarship Fund for podcasters who aren’t financially able to attend the event. As a result, Gonzalez wants Outlier Podcast Festival to become an access point for digital influencers from all walks of life and to provide a means through which podcasters can expound on their interests in leveraging their impact in this emerging market.

Outlier Podcast Festival will take place on May 17th through May 18th in Austin, Texas.

You can register for the festival here.






For more information on Outliers Podcast Festival, click the link to check out their website.

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