Outer Edge LA: The Disneyland For NFT Enthusiasts

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Published on March 22, 2023

Outer Edge LA is a highly-anticipated gathering that attracts thousands of professionals and curious enthusiasts. The event serves as a vital platform for showcasing the latest developments and trends in the blockchain industry. As a popular NFT gathering, Outer Edge LA offers attendees exceptional opportunities to learn about new innovations, connect with key players in the field, and gain insights into the future of blockchain technology. Participation in the event is crucial for staying up-to-date on the latest happenings in the industry and gaining a deeper understanding of the potential impact of NFTs on various industries.

Outer Edge LA: Where Culture Meets Technology

A celebration of culture and technology, Outer Edge LA brings together world-class speakers, industry experts, and thought leaders to discuss blockchain technology, music, television, NFTs, the metaverse, and sports. Attendees have the opportunity to participate in live presentations, interactive activities, and even metaverse activations! Furthermore, attendees can participate in various activities curated by their “land grant” holders, including NFT galleries, fashion activations, workshops with leading web3 experts, and unique experiences.

“Five imperatives embody our event ethos: unite, connect, give, experience, and grow,” says event co-founder Zach Sekar. “Our attendees will walk away from unforgettable moments, having the inspiration to continue building and growing for months and years to come.” 

The Outer Edge LA imperatives and their implications for event participants and staff are outlined as follows: [Unite] promotes community building through co-creation, while [Build] ensures your badge of honor is earned through collaboration. With [Give], individuals can celebrate the talents of others and uplift each other. By immersing themselves in the moment, individuals can embrace the possibilities of a community with [Experience] and can [Grow] and evolve through connections, experiences, and opportunities. 

“We welcome attendees of all backgrounds, from seasoned technologists to web3 newcomers,” says Jeff Kelly, another one of the event’s four co-founders. “Our hope is that through technology and intimate networking, attendees will feel a sense of community and purpose. Driven by community-based initiatives, we want attendees to reap the benefits of decentralization all in one place.”

“Activities at Outer Edge LA not only inspire wonder as experiences in themselves but also inspire participation from our all attendees,” co-founder Josh Kriger says. “Web3 accessibility is increasing exponentially, and we foster that evolution alongside our decentralized community. All attendees, whether new to Web3 or deeply experienced, will have a sense that the next phase of their journey is both achievable and enlivening. The intent of these activations is to immerse attendees in entertainment and culture at the intersection of cutting-edge technology – all within the decentralized creator economy. From tech builders to creators to entrepreneurs, Outer Edge LA is a space for people of all backgrounds to reimagine how these elements are interconnected.”

Outer Edge LA always offers a diverse and accomplished panel of speakers. The panels not only include distinguished web3 thought leaders but also feature actors, musicians, artists, and other influential figures who have made significant contributions to cultural innovation. Participants can engage deeply with the stimulating energy of Outer Edge LA’s visionary leaders in an interactive and engaging manner.

Grit Daily Outer Edge LA panel discussions
Outer Edge LA panel discussions.

“Because we are in the entertainment and tech hub that is LA, we can seamlessly bring together that creative spirit with strong technical and business features,” co-founder Eathan Janney says“We hosted our hackathon for the first time, as it is our way of honoring builders, creators, and the synergies they can share. Our Land Grant program is not only unique to Blockchain events, it is a whole new concept we are pioneering. By honoring builders and community leaders with affordable land within our larger space, we allow them to create immersive and interactive experiences unencumbered by traditional, or shall we say, conventional!” 

How Outer Edge LA Revolutionizes Web3 Entertainment Services 

As the latest addition to the West Coast’s event landscape, Outer Edge LA is making waves in the world of web3 and entertainment. Situated in the bustling downtown area of Los Angeles, this event is known as the largest of its kind, bringing together top industry players for a unique intersection of ideas and networking opportunities. Outer Edge LA has already broken the mold of traditional corporate conferences by offering a dynamic and interactive innovation festival. With a diverse range of speakers and panelists, they are always set to provide attendees with unparalleled insights and perspectives on the intersection of web3 and entertainment.

“NFTs have captured the attention of a wide range of audiences, from tech gurus and influencers to local artists,” co-founder Zach Sekar says. “We are confident that NFTs will continue to gain popularity throughout the next decade, serving as an excellent platform for creators to showcase their content and artwork. Niche NFT communities will continue to gain traction, paving the way for additional investors and established brands to participate in the space.”

The term “NFT” represents groundbreaking technology with the potential to transform entire industries, from art and ownership to identity and security, by opening up a world of new possibilities.

“We are more bullish on NFTs and the broader web3 ecosystem in general than ever before.” co-founder Zach Sekar says. “NFTs have a plethora of real-world use cases and are a technological innovation that enables true digital ownership, which is at the core of web3. We are excited to see and participate in how this tech revolution develops over the next few decades.”

Outer Edge LA is not your average industry conference. This inclusive event takes an organic approach and embraces a fully decentralized model that encourages community involvement and co-creation. It offers diverse experiences beyond keynotes and panels, including curated events, networking opportunities, lively parties, and more. To boost community accessibility, this year’s event will provide opportunities for all individuals to participate, focusing on projects that support their local communities.

Outer Edge LA patio experience.

“An event like ours not only supports a meeting of great minds that will create the future but also facilitates the construction of new tech by leading builders.” co-founder Jeff Kelley says. 

Blockchain Event Forecasts & NFT Impact Predictions

While NFTs remain a critical element of the web3 ecosystem, Outer Edge LA explores the intersections of this emerging technology with other areas of innovation and culture. From the buzz surrounding AI and its impact on text-based tools and creative domains to the rapid advancements in AR and its integration into daily life, there is no shortage of exciting developments to explore. And with the vast potential of metaverses and VR still largely untapped, the future of web3 promises to be nothing short of fascinating.

“We see builders still establishing the fundamentals of what value these mind-bending, and culture-bending new technologies can offer,” co-founder Josh Kriger says. “Decentralized finance and token-based communities will continue to grow and provide us with entirely new ways of framing our economies and culture. The integration of NFTs and web3 is critical to the growth of these new technologies.”

During bear markets, it is so essential for enthusiasts of web3 to come together with a shared passion for growth and innovation. As the lifeblood of the industry, web3 events serve as vital forums for connection and co-creation, facilitating the essential conversations and discoveries that propel the field forward. By providing a platform for attendees to connect and collaborate, these events play a critical role in shaping the future of the industry.

“So many talented builders, by the nature of their work, operate in siloed and isolated environments,” co-founder Eathan Janney. “It is essential for these leaders to come together in one place that provides an engaging experience for everyone to collaborate. The blockchain industry should encourage more collaboration and diversity across sectors. There is a wide range of technology across this vibrant ecosystem, and we are fascinated by how it all converges!” 

Web3 remains at the forefront of innovation, continuously generating new ideas and concepts that will shape the future of technology and beyond. With this in mind, Outer Edge LA is dedicated to providing attendees with an even more personalized and immersive experience that fosters connections between creators, brands, audiences, and consumers. By focusing on expanding accessibility and onboarding the next billion individuals into the web3 ecosystem, the event is critical in driving mainstream understanding and participation in this exciting domain, ensuring exponential growth for years to come.

“Within our own company, we will facilitate more collaboration between the podcast and media divisions of our organization,” co-founder Jeff Kelley says. “There is a lot of potential for this integration to continue, and we look forward to building year-round experiences for our community that engage them with us and one another in-between events and live opportunities to participate.” 

As NFTs gain momentum, new applications are emerging in various domains, such as gaming, ticketing, and real-world experiences. NFTs can be digital keys to access immersive dining experiences and art exhibitions. Among these, play-to-earn games are gaining attention. In the entertainment industry, concerts can use NFTs to distribute tickets, ensuring they cannot be replicated or duplicated. The potential for NFTs in customer engagement is vast, making it one of the most promising areas for NFT growth. 

“The coming years will see NFTs being utilized in innovative ways, and it will be fascinating to witness their impact on various industries,” co-founder Jeff Kelley says. “Unlike fan clubs or memberships, NFTs often offer exclusive benefits, such as the ability to access unique experiences – both in the real and digital realms. Beyond these relatively obvious developments, Outer Edge LA draws your attention to the programmability of NFTs and the infinite space of possibilities this allows for.” 

The emergence of NFTs has brought creators, buyers, and collectors together in a unique and unprecedented way. With their underlying technology, NFTs have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of digital ownership. As we move forward, more projects that demonstrate practical value in the real world are expected to surface, further cementing the relevance of NFTs. Many are closely watching the impact of this new technology on the art world and beyond, and the possibilities it presents are generating excitement.

“As we move towards a more decentralized world, NFTs will transform the way we prove authenticity and identity,” co-founder Eathan Janney says. “We anticipate a rapid increase in the number of NFT transactions, with their frequency skyrocketing within the realm of commerce, entertainment, and community interactions.” 

By breaking the mold of conventional corporate conferences, Outer Edge LA is poised to revolutionize web3 and entertainment services in the most dynamic and interactive way possible! 

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By Sophia Chartrand Sophia Chartrand has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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