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Oprah Launches Virtual Wellness Tour During Quarantine

Since being stuck at home due to the pandemic, most events have been brought to our living rooms or even our front yards. People have found a way to make anything from birthday parties, graduations, and weddings work from a safe distance. Now, Oprah is bringing another event to our homes: Oprah’s Your Life in Focus: A Vision Forward wellness tour.

Oprah decided to continue her schedule cross-country arena tour but virtually. Her live virtual experience is a free four-week event that is an extension of the tour she completed earlier this year in nine cities. The media mogul made the announcement for her fans on social media. Sounds exciting, right? Of course! This was the tour that was on everyone’s list of things that they need to do in 2020, and now you get to experience it in the comfort of your own home.

Taking The Show On The Road

In January, Oprah announced in her magazine that she would be going on a cross country area tour that was part of Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life Focus. For the event, she partnered with Weight Watchers and created a wellness tour that, honestly, we didn’t know we needed. She has been a spokeswoman with Weight Watchers since 2015 and since then she has grown with the company to become a major shareholder, board member, and advisor.

During her tour, she had invited a list of celebrities like Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, and Dwayne Johnson to participate. They would come out and talk about empowerment, self-help, and making 2020 about you and your steps to staying well and focused.

From the looks of it, this tour was like a Monday motivation to get you through the week but in tour form. If you didn’t have a chance to see the show in person, the line up of events sounds like an all-around wellness party to me. This wellness tour had a pre-show dance party, a movement workshop with the one and only Julianne Hough and you get to hear a motivational talk from a celebrity. I mean how neat is that?

Bringing The Magic Home

Now everyone can experience some of the magic from the tour and words of wisdom from Oprah herself. In a recent article by ABC News, Oprah said, “In early 2020, I spent nine weeks traveling the country, talking to people about being well and staying focused. It was exhilarating. Then the pandemic hit and shook us all. Now, it’s more important than ever to be and stay well and strong. Together, let’s reset, refocus, and find clarity in what matters most.”

In the light of mental health awareness month, I’m glad to see that she is continuing her show by making it virtual. There may not be a dance party included in this tour, but hearing some words of affirmation to help through tough times is better than any dance party.

The virtual tour consists of 90-minute experiences led by Oprah herself. It airs at 11 a.m. E.T. on Saturdays now through June 6th. It’s on Zoom and will also be live-streamed on Oprah’s Facebook page. Anyone can join in on the experience by registering online. The best part? It’s free!