Online Web Data Shifts Hospitality Industry’s Approach to Pricing

Published on February 12, 2022

Competitive pricing continues to plague the hospitality industry as competition looks for new ways to price rooms based on a traveler’s search location. And the travel industry is gearing up for the post-Covid world, and the public is too – a recent survey found nearly 80% of American travelers had trips planned in 2022.

People want to travel, but the conditions around travel are shifting so quickly that it’s increasingly difficult to predict what’s coming next for the travel industry. Basic questions like “what should a hotel room cost?” now require complicated answers. Data startups might simplify the equation.

Rather than flying blind, my company, hospitality business intelligence provider Fornova, turned to publicly available web data to keep up with the volatile blend of COVID spikes and travel demand. Through data collection across publicly accessible web sources worldwide, the hospitality industry can meet the changing needs of travelers across the world in real time.

But sourcing and analyzing public web data is a massive undertaking – one that online web data platform Bright Data does best for its customers.

“To address any of these issues, we must first collect enormous amounts of data, analyze this data, and then look for actionable insights within it,” Fornova CEO Dori Stein explained.

Raw public data from the web is a key ingredient for this process. Unlike traditional data sets, this kind of data comes from the daily activities of potential customers – a kind of data Bright Data CEO Or Lenchner calls alternative data.

Alternative data is driven by the growing demand for real-time insights from non-traditional data sources This living, breathing data source is essential to the travel industry’s future. Fornova’s collaboration with Bright Data allows each organization to bring their expertise to analyzing and acting upon the information.

The travel and hospitality industry will continue to face volatile and uncertain conditions as the post-COVID era emerges in different stages and paces around the world. With collaborations in big data though, companies can both meet the needs of travelers now and position their brands to succeed in the future.


Or Lenchner is a Grit Daily contributor. Ever since his appointment as CEO of Bright Data (formerly Luminati Networks), Or Lenchner has continued to expand the company’s market base as an online data collection platform dedicated to delivering complete web transparency.For the past three years, under Lenchner’s leadership, the company has advanced its product offerings to include first-of-its-kind automated solutions, enabling its customers to collect and receive data in a matter of minutes.Among Bright Data’s thousands of customers are Fortune 500 companies, major e-commerce firms and sites, prominent finance firms, leading security operators, travel sites, academic and public sector organizations. Prior to his career at Bright Data, Lenchner founded and managed several web-based businesses, developing digital assets and online marketing programs. Initially joining Bright Data as head of product development, Lenchner’s career and evolvement at the company has been driven by his firm belief in a transparent, ethical-by-design web environment that contributes to an open, competitive market benefitting both, businesses and society as a whole.

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