One tweet sparked a war between Popeyes and Chick-fil-A

Published on August 23, 2019

The meme-iest Twitter war of the year is underway. Popeyes and Chick-fil-A have been battling it out to see which fast-food chain has the better chicken sandwich.

How it all started

According to The New York Times, the whole thing started with a tweet. Popeyes tweeted a picture of its new chicken sandwich.  It’s simple enough, fried chicken on a brioche bun with pickles and choice of sauce. The tweet said this sandwich is so good Popeyes forgot how to speak in complete sentences. But Chick-fil-A wasn’t going to stay silent about it. It responded with a tweet of its own saying “Bun + Chicken + Pickles = all the for the original.” Then Popeyes responded with a little shade of its own. It tweeted back “… y’all good?” That’s when everyone else on the internet got involved. 

It’s only getting bigger

The whole thing has blown up all over social media. Fans are comparing Popeyes and Chick-fil A sandwiches and defending their favorites. One fan brought up that, even though Popeyes does have a good sandwich, they don’t think it has yet to perfect its drive-through. Others feel like Chick-fil-A’s anti-LGBTQ stance is reason enough to drag them. 

A bunch of different articles have been written about this debate and some of them are picking a side. The Washington Post, for example, has declared that Popeyes has the best chicken sandwich. It says Popeyes has “the crunchies, crispiest fast-food chicken sandwich out there.” It has thicker pickles, a better bun, just an overall superior sandwich experience for this Post reporter. 

Other fast-food chains are getting in on the action, too. Known for its trolly tweets, Wendy’s responded to all of this with a snarky post of its own. It tweeted a picture of its own chicken sandwich with the caption “Y’all out here fighting about which of these fools has the second best chicken sandwich.” Shake Shack even got involved subtly giving fans the option of a chicken sandwich with no “beef.”

It looks like Popeyes is winning this one if New York City chicken lovers have anything to say about it. Popeyes locations in Manhattan have been selling out of their chicken sandwiches. Some people have tried to return to Popeyes locations later on in the day or make their way to different locations only to find out the restaurants won’t have any more sandwiches until the next day.

Of course, what kind of Twitter war would this really be without a few great memes? Jokes about people’s stances on the issue are everywhere. Lots of these are also in favor of Popeyes. Here are some of my favorites:

Where’s McDonald’s?

Surprisingly, McDonald’s has been pretty quiet so far. The restaurant chain has its own kind of chicken sandwiches, but it hasn’t taken to social media to defend them against Popeyes and Chick-fil A. A quick look at its Twitter account it’s not updated too frequently. Sometimes, there is even about a week or two between posts. But none of them have anything to do with this food fight. If anything, McDonald’s recent tweets are mostly focused on its french fries. Maybe it has just decided to avoid all the internet drama. Or it could be a quiet declaration of dominance on the chicken sandwich playing field. 

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