Olmo brands itself as a networking app without the gimmicks

Published on March 31, 2019

Many professionals are eager to admit social media keeps them up-to-date on the latest news and for some it helps them maintain relationships personal and professional.

But when it comes to social networking and advancing their professional careers, many are stuck in the same generic cycle typically seen on LinkedIn profiles where every user is a “proven team player.” How does one standout in a sea of profiles that after a while all resemble the same credentials?

This is where Olmo comes in — the professional networking app that markets itself as connecting you to genuine resources—without the gimmicks. Every professional should have access to resources that help them to advance their careers and Olmo seeks to do just that with the release of their app.

Think of popular dating app Tinder, but with Olmo users experience concierge-style service designed to advance your professional career by matching app users with mentors and advisors in related fields.

What Users Gain

Olmo users can create connections with mentors and fellow professionals who will help them master how to negotiate for a higher salary, or ask for that promotion. These are just a few skills users of Olmo gain when they download the app. Olmo users will gain vital connections and opportunities to build skill sets that will set them apart in the crowd.

How it Works

Olmo is available on iOS devices. For Apple users accustomed to Siri, Olmo is introducing a “networking concierge” who will make connections for users.

“This service cuts through the noise and ineffectiveness of cold calls, conferences, generic career advice, newsfeeds, and job sites to provide a highly personalized access to advice and opportunities.”

Olmo users are matched with people across “geographies without the socioeconomic or cultural biases.”

An Access Point for Professionals
Olmo users benefit from concierge-esque professional connections that advance their career.

The new networking app promises to be an access point for professionals that “connects strangers who can help one another make better decisions and build relationships over time.” In addition to developing professional relationships, Olmo users also participate in “peer groups to learn from those who understand” each user’s experience.

What’s Next

According to the app developers, Olmo is in it’s final testing stage and set for a public launch in the next few months.

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