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Oliso is Making your Home Smart with its Appliances

We may not have flying cars yet, but we are getting closer to living the life of the Jetsons each and every day. Smart tech is becoming the norm, and with that, so are smart homes. It is safe to say that in this day and age to go with your smart home—or starter apartment—you are going to need some smart home appliances. Thankfully, you do not have to break the bank with smart home appliance manufacturer, Oliso.

Known for their Smart Hub—an induction burner with a precision liquid bath and sous vide rack—Oliso has a variety of products that deliver on the promise of smart appliances. The Smart Iron lifts itself off of the pressuring surface and stays in a horizontal position when not in use, ensuring that no burnt clothes or other unfortunate mishaps take place. It’s also ergonomic, meaning that you can easily lift it without strain.

If space is an issue for you, which it probably is considering the recent downsizing trend, then Oliso has products that you might be interested. The Mini Iron and Vacuum Sealer both focus on maximizing your storage space while leaving a small footprint. Efficiency is paramount is Oliso Smart Home appliances.

Oliso believes that “great ideas are best inspired by listening to people.” That philosophy is evident in their catalog thanks to their innovative yet straight forward line of products. Ever-confident in their technology, Oliso invites you to “see how our products can change your home and lifestyle for the better.”

Not only are these items very reasonably priced on the Oliso website, but the San Francisco based company is offering a special deal where you can really get the most bang for your buck. Using the code Precise2018 at checkout, you can save 20% on your order! So head over to their website and see how you can bring your home into the future with Oliso Smart Home Appliances!