Nuby Has Everything Parents Need for Baby-Led Weaning

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 6, 2023

Nuby, a leading global baby products brand founded over fifty years ago in the USA and now active in 155 countries, has everything that is needed to start baby-led weaning.

Feeding a baby may seem simple—just follow the steps from breastfeeding to purees to crumbs of solid food until a baby is capable of handling finger foods or, better yet, using a spoon and finally eating without help. That sequence has been followed for decades. Nowadays, there is a growing opinion that the puree stage can be skipped, allowing babies to rely on their instincts and go straight to finger foods from the very start of weaning.

Known as a practice of bypassing purees and letting the little one eat on his own, baby-led weaning, which first gained popularity in the UK, is gaining traction in the US. So, what is baby-led weaning, and when is a good time to start baby-led weaning? It can be practiced with babies who are at least six months old, can feed themselves sitting up, and can grab and hold objects.

There are several benefits of baby-led weaning. First, it allows babies to learn how to chew and swallow, something the little one has a hard time doing with parents pushing food in a baby’s mouth. Further, according to some research, baby-led weaning makes a greater variety of food available and may help develop healthy dietary preferences early on. By eating a broader spectrum of foods, babies may be less susceptible to all sorts of allergies. Also, when babies eat finger food, they normally don’t overeat, unlike when they are spoon-fed. Finally, by using their fingers with food, babies develop manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

How do parents start baby-led weaning? First, make sure the food is soft and can be easily squashed with fingers, avoiding crunchy stuff like carrots: that is a sign your baby will be able to gum or chew it. Second, make sure you cut food in long slices the size your baby can hold. Later, by the time the baby is 9 months old or near it, cut food into smaller, bite-sized lumps. Further, start eating together. By doing so, you give your baby a chance to see what the grown-ups do with their food and learn while socializing.

To begin with, after fingering the first food, babies gradually get used to spoons, first playfully, then using them instead of fingers. Nuby’s set of baby’s first silicone spoons helps smooth the transition from soft to semi-solid foods and teaches babies to self-feed using utensils. Nuby’s Baby’s First Spoons, or beginner spoons, designed for an easy hold, come in three stages: Stage 1 for yogurts and purees; Stage 2 for thicker foods like oatmeal; Stage 3 for more solid foods like mashed potatoes.

Baby plates, best baby beginner spoons, and more are available in Nuby’s tableware sets: from silicone easy-grip spoons to section baby plates to stainless cutlery and travel products like bowls with travel lids and insulated food flasks. These items are ideal for baby-led weaning and beginning the process of self-feeding.

Naturally, once your baby starts fingering food, expect quite a mess. To control the inevitable damage and keep the falling food from messing up the kitchen, Nuby offers an array of weaning bibs. Our favorite, the on-the-go feeding bib, is lightweight, has a scoop to catch all mess, wipes clean, rolls up easily with a button closure, is made of flexible silicone, and sports seven fun 3D animal designs. It’s perfect for everyday use, picnicking, and other outings.

Baby-led weaning is gaining traction in the US and worldwide and has proven its worth.

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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