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No Makeup, No Problem: Women Get Used To The Idea of Wearing No Makeup During COVID

We all have embraced the weird COVID trends that have been going on. That’s okay; we live in an age where there may be some weird trends, but this new trend of women embracing an all-natural look is one that we should keep once the pandemic is over.

The trend of no makeup-makeup has only been exacerbated by the pandemic as people transition to working from home, and I’m not mad about it at all. Seeing women all over the world stop wearing makeup and embracing their natural skin is the one women empowerment movement that I love to see.

Growing up my mother always told me that I didn’t need to wear makeup and I looked pretty without it—as I’m sure everyone else’s mother said as well—but it stuck with me ever since, and I’m 23 and still don’t wear any heavy, crazy makeup. I go barefaced and natural every day of my existence, and I tell people all the time that not wearing makeup is a big boost to my self-esteem.

The 2020 Makeup Consumer Report claims that 71% of women said they wear makeup less often due to COVID lifestyle changes and that 60% of women report using natural ingredients products.

Many women in the world are changing up their makeup routine if not just canceling it out in general. Which honestly, I think it’s one of the many good things women can do for themselves. Now don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup and going full glam, but giving your face time to rest is also beneficial towards you and your skin.

Using this time to relax your face and clear those pores is the best thing you can do right now. Give your face this time to breathe, you know you aren’t going anywhere. It can be sad at times but using this time to explore your skin and get to know your skin is something that you won’t regret.

You might come out knowing what products are truly best for your skin and being comfortable with just going somewhere with a natural face instead of having to coat your face with a bunch of makeup.