Nintendo Switch Online Hacked During Day One

Published on September 21, 2018

Nintendo released its much anticipated online gaming platform for their Switch console yesterday called Nintendo Switch Online.

The online gaming platform gives subscribers access to over twenty online NES games that were previously harder to obtain without a specified system. Nintendo Switch Online gives players access online play versions of the games as well as single-person games. The service is currently available on the Nintendo Switch for just $20 per year or $4 per month, depending on how you want to pay. Fans of classic Nintendo games are swarming to the service to relive childhood memories of games like Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Tecmo Bowl, Mario games and The Legend of Zelda, among many more.

Video game fans are torn about whether or not the service is worth the price. In order to play online versions of other games on the console, players will have to purchase Nintendo Switch Online. This seems like a steep price to pay for playing Mario Kart with a stranger. But when you think about the free perks it seems like an affordable price.

The console compares to other platforms like Xbox and PlayStation. All three platforms now require purchase of the online platform in order to play in online mode. Xbox offers Xbox Live and PlayStation offers PlayStation Plus. The only games that will work in online mode without the service are Fortnite and the popular Jackbox party games.

Nintendo Gets Hacked

It took less than a day, but players have already figured out how to hack the Nintendo Switch Online platform. Hackers are getting into the platform to add their own game files to the service. They’re using the platforms to upload their own NES files into the library. This makes game play possible on the Nintendo Switch that was previously only possible on the NES classic or the reboot of the machine. Now, it’s probably not very easy to do this yourself without any prior experience working with the files, but there are various tutorials online that show you exactly how to do it.

It is unclear how Nintendo will respond to the hacking. The Nintendo Switch Online service offers other perks like a cloud saving feature that lets users store game information on a cloud. This will free up memory card space and even save money later on when you don’t have to buy a new memory card in order to play a new game.

Nintendo Switch Online is available for a couple of different price options. The first is available at $19.99 for single individuals. The second is $34.99 and allows up to eight players to connect to the service. Both prices are affordable for the entire year and are a fairly no-brainer when compared to the perks you’re getting for signing up.

The service is rumored to be in preparation for the arrival of Super Smash Bros. The game will supposedly operate through the Nintendo Switch Online database and will see a release later this year.

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