Nintendo Announces New Features for Switch’s System Update 10.0.0

Published on April 14, 2020

A big day for Switch users has arrived as Nintendo launches a new firmware update: System update 10.0.0. This update contains more modifications than we’ve seen in a while from Nintendo. As these modifications arrive as a response to user needs and wants, these additional features are essential in improving the Switch experience. Let’s take a look at what’s new with the Switch System Update 10.0.0

Remapping your controller 

For many, this is big. Switch users will now be able to modify Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers in their System Settings; allowing users to customize button configurations to suit their preferred gaming style with the option to save various configuration settings if their preferences vary for different games, players, etc. 

Bookmarking news items

While browsing their “News” screen, Switch users can now bookmark up to 300 news items–a sizable maximum. If you find that you cannot view your bookmarked news items, it may be because you aren’t connected to wifi or that item has been permanently removed.

Transfer data between system and SD

Users can now swiftly transfer data between their SD card and system memory; something that used to be a pain if a user needed to access more space on their Switch. Users can now transfer games from their SD card to their internal memory to do so.

Misc. features: including an Animal Crossing update 

A new section has been introduced: “Play Activity Settings,” where users will find that their options to “Display play activity” and “Delete play activity” have been removed from the “Friend Settings” section and relocated to the newly added “Play Activity Settings” section. A new selection of icons have been added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

Via BagoGames Flickr

Customization is a plus in many fields, but it’s huge for gamers. Determining the functionality of a controller or a game’s default settings will always receive various opinions and contrasting feedback. Gamers are all different and have their own preferred styles of playing. The ability to customize how you game can clear up the annoyance of a predetermined, default way of gaming. One size does not fit all and Nintendo has put that notion to rest here.

The key updates are the ability to customize and remap your controller, the ability to free up some space with the new clean cut data transfer, and–arguably–the new selection of icons for Animal Crossing players. Yes, this may sound like a minuscule addition, but Animal Crossing is more popular than ever now; and in a game where players build their own characters, personalizing is everything. 

To upgrade your Switch and start messing with these fun additional features, head over to your System Settings and select “System Update.” The system update 10.0.0 should begin to download.

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