Meet Nima Veiseh, the Artist Who Never Forgets a Thing

Published on November 17, 2019

Hyperthymesia, also known in full nerd-speak as Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, is an extremely rare condition that enables a person to recall every detail of their memory as if it were on film in their mind. Artist and entrepreneur Nima Veiseh is one of only fifty people in the world known to have this condition. If that whole “situation” sounds scary and absolutely awesome at the same time — it is. 

And it turns out Nima, who we’ve gotten to know at Grit Daily, is rather compassionate and thoughtful in no small part due to his condition.

He’s like a younger, Yoda-like character who turned in the light sabre for a paintbrush.

Indeed, Nima expresses his ability in his art and his entrepreneurial endeavors through a concept he calls “tuning.”

Nima describes tuning as a way of managing one’s memory and experiences by acknowledging the way an individual is shaped by them in order to maximize harmony with oneself and the exterior world around them. Tuning, or the act of embracing the connections within and around us, is accomplished by utilizing memories in three specific ways: intrapersonally, interpersonally, and extrapersonally.

Intrapersonal tuning involves the relationship one has with themselves, interpersonal tuning centers around the relationships one shares with the individuals they interact with personally, and extrapersonal tuning relates to the connections and empathy felt with people from all over the world. 

Tuning as a path for self actualization
One of Nima Veiseh’s “superscapes” — an example of what Veiseh will discuss at Grit Daily Live! Miami Art Summit, December 6-7.

According to Nima, the concept of tuning has enabled him to live a happy and productive life. The first step in his intrapersonal tuning process began when he worked as an academic researcher where he harnessed the large raw data set endowed to him by his hyperthymesia. Nima used this ability as a lens to view natural and economic systems through which he was eventually inspired to begin his career both as an artist and an entrepreneur. 

The interpersonal tuning process for Nima is expressed through his painting. His process involves him taking a memory and creating a visual representation of its dimensions into a system of harmonious layers through a technique that is referential to abstractionism and gesturalism. His works involve dense overlays of paint that can take up to one hundred hours to create over the span of several months. The result is a stunning depiction of distilled memories as “real world artifacts on canvas.”

He can dress you, too

Dress Abstract, Nima’s fashion line, was born out of his quest for extrapersonal tuning. Throughout his travels to over forty countries, Nima encountered a plethora of talented artisans skilled in textile making selling their products. These artisans inspired Nima to create a company that could synthesize an elevated approach to clothing with sustainable practices.

Dress Abstract creates clothing that is both enriching and intelligent by using technology to translate the work of artists from the canvas to fabric. The clothing is then produced sustainably in the United States by refugees or displaced people that have a background in the textile industry in their home countries. 

Here’s the best part

Nima Veiseh’s work in art and fashion is visually stunning and thought provoking. Through his concept of tuning, he is able to create great works of art and also provide a hands-on philosophy of how to live a better life. Tuning invites all of us to examine ourselves, our community, and the greater world around us in an effort to understand who we are and what makes us happy. Nima will be in person at the Grit Daily Live! Art Summit in Miami December 6 and 7 — to talk about his work.

We. Have. So. Many. Questions.

Samuel Loetscher is a Columnist at Grit Daily. Based in Miami, he currently works in e-commerce and writes about Latin America and South Florida.

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