Nick Cannon Releases 4th Eminem Diss Track, But “The Real Slim Shady” Still Won’t Stand Up

Published on January 20, 2020

I’m going to be honest here. If you’re going to claim that you (Nick Cannon) have beef with somebody, especially Marshall Mathers (Eminem), then you’d best hope that “The Real Slim Shady” would “please stand up.” In other words, make sure the person you’re dissing, also acknowledges that a conflict actually exists, otherwise you just look silly.

Ladies and gentlemen…let’s talk about Nicholas Scott Cannon, aka Nick Cannon. Now, don’t get me wrong, Cannon is an incredible talk show host. That’s where his talent truly resides. He has done an excellent job hosting America’s Got Talent and more recently a Sketch Comedy Show called “Wild ‘N Out.”

However, dating back to December of 2019, Cannon has started releasing diss tracks towards mega-star rapper Eminem beginning with “The Invitation.” With no doubt, he hopes that it would get publicity for Wild ‘N Out. While I would like to say that Eminem came back at him with some fire diss track that could have destroyed Nick’s entire rap career, he didn’t.

As a matter of fact, he said nothing. At all. Cannon has essentially been shadow boxing this entire time.

I applaud his effort. It’s hard to put yourself out there and our boy Nicholas really did put in his best effort. However, when the target of your diss track didn’t even dignify you with a response, how do you respond?

Do you:

  • Take the loss and move on?
  • Make a second diss track?
  • Make a third diss track after no response to the second diss track?
  • Make a fourth diss track targeting Eminem’s fans because you got no response to your first, second and third diss track.

If you said answers 2-4, then congrats. You just yourself a job with Wild ‘N Out. That’s right. Cannon has released a total of FOUR diss tracks targeted at Eminem, and none of them have garnered a single response from the legendary rapper.

His most recent diss track titled “Used To Look Up To You” was released this past week and it targets the loyal Twitter fans of Marshall Mathers stating that they are biased towards Eminem.

The track “Used To Look Up To You” is just one track featured on an entire album released by Cannon called “The Miseducation Of The Negro You Love To Hate.” From start to finish, the track did nothing to ignite an actual feud with Eminem in my opinion. At most, it proves that Cannon can at least compete with the Lil Uzi and Migos by drowning his voice in auto-tune.

If you haven’t listened to this track yet, you’re not alone. In about a week, this song has only garnered about 320,000 views on YouTube and has reached 20,000 dislikes.

Used To Look Up To You” is yet again, another unremarkable diss track that essentially reflects Nick Cannon’s rap career in a nutshell. Maybe he’ll finally take the L and go back to hosting his show full time.

David Wee is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in Michigan, he covers entertainment, music, and fashion. He is also an up-and-coming musician.

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