As part of the NFL100 initiative, the NFL will celebrate their ‘Original Towns’, the members amongst the communities will announce the picks for the 2019 NFL Draft live from hometown events.

The NFL will be honoring the legacy of the first-ever game by donating turf to Dayton, Ohio.

The ‘Original Towns’

The eight “Original Towns” outside of the current NFL markets will host a live telecast in their hometowns announcing the picks on Day 3 of the Draft.

So, who were the “Original Towns”?

  • Akron, Ohio (Akron Pros)
  • Buffalo, New York (Buffalo All-Americans)
  • Canton, Ohio (Canton Bulldogs)
  • Chicago, Illinois (Racine Cardinals, Chicago Tigers)
  • Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland Tigers)
  • Columbus, Ohio (Columbus Panhandles)
  • Dayton, Ohio (Dayton Triangles)
  • Decatur, Illinois (Decatur Staleys)
  • Detroit, Michigan (Detroit Heralds)
  • Hammond, Indiana (Hammond Pros)
  • Muncie, Indiana (Muncie Flyers)
  • Rochester, New York (Rochester Jeffersons)
  • Rock Island, Illinois (Rock Island Independents

The markets in these locations will showcase the town’s history alongside NFL legends, celebrities, and elected officials. For the fifth year in a row, the picks will be made live by all 32 Clubs in their local markets at special locations on Day 3. The clubs will make picks across the country in a variety of locations including military bases, state landmarks, and major attractions.

“There’s no better way to bring the League’s hundred years of history full circle than to partner with these communities and recognize their important place in history as part of the NFL’s centennial celebration,” said NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell.

To commemorate this historical year, the NFL will leave a legacy of football and to pave the way for future generations of football players, the NFL alongside the partnership of Field Turf & Vasco– who will lead construction and installation- will fund the installment of a new artificial turf field in the city of Dayton, Ohio.

The First NFL Game At ‘Triangle Park’

The first-ever NFL game was played at Triangle Park on October 3, 1920 in Dayton, Ohio, between the Dayton Triangles and the Columbus Panhandles.

The foundation also planned to donate to each of the 13 “Original Towns” to support local youth football programs and advocate for player safety and promote football’s values.

“We’re excited that the NFL is recognizing the places that were there in the very beginning and that they are celebrating Dayton’s special history in paving the way for the league with a donation that will leave a lasting impact in the community.” – Nan Whaley, Mayor of Dayton, Ohio