New Updates For MoviePass in 2019

Published on December 30, 2018

2018 was a rough year for MoviePass, but the app developer has promised bigger, better changes for MoviePass in 2019.

Everyone knew that the deal MoviePass was offering was too good to be true just a year ago when the app was offering unlimited access to movies in theaters for just $10/month. The company quickly lost money—a lot of money. The company had to quickly change its business model quite a few times throughout the summer.

Now, finally, MoviePass in 2019 will offer the changes that users wanted all along. The subscription company is offering tiered memberships, which will begin in 2019. The new memberships give users the ability to choose their own plan based on their own needs.

New Moves

The new subscriptions offered by MoviePass in 2019 will have three tiers. The first tier, offered at $9.95/month, is just about the same as what the company offers right now. The second tier, offered at $14.95, gives users a bit more freedom. WIth this tier, users can choose from any movie, at any time, up to three times per month. The final tier, offered at $19.95, adds premium screenings (such as IMAX and 3D) but still only allows subscribers up to three movies per month. Some prices in some locations may be more, though.

Currently all MoviePass subscriptions are the same. The general subscription, offered at $9.95/month, gives users access to three movies per month at the behest of the apps schedule and selection. Usually the selection is one or two independent movies, offered at off-peak hours such as late at night or mid-day. Major blockbusters won’t show up in the app for weeks after their release, if they show up at all.

Old Plans

Back in its heyday, subscribers could use their MoviePass card to access any movie, at any time of day, as much as once per day for the entire month. Obviously, though, that business plan was doomed from the start. The company announced that it was in financial strife earlier this year, when it failed to make a payment to one of its fulfillment centers. Users quickly noticed that the app was down because of this finance issue. From there, things only got worse. The company had to redo its business plan multiple times over the course of the next few months. Subscribers were asked to do things like photograph their tickets and limit screenings—everything but pay more money.

New changes to MoviePass in 2019 are rumored to arrive as soon as next month. After a year of pesky changes to the company’s policies, subscribers are hoping that this will be the final answer to how MoviePass will function going forward. Subscribers can also opt into a cheaper, year-long plan by paying over $100 up-front. However, considering how many changes the company made in the last six months it’s hard to want to shell out that much money for something that may not last.


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