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New Series Centered Around Female Superheroes in the Works For ABC

ABC is working with writer Allen Heinberg, Marvel Television, and ABC Studios to create a new series centered around female superheroes. Details are sparse, but the series will feature a few lesser-known female Marvel characters.

According to Deadline, “there have been a number of fairly obscure female superhero team-ups that have appeared sporadically in Marvel comics over the years, including A-Force, Lady Liberators and Fearless Defenders.” The show could feature any combination of those.

This isn’t ABC’s first foray into the female-superhero biz. ABC actually developed Jessica Jones before it was sent over to Netflix as part of a larger Marvel package.

The network’s entertainment president, Channing Dungey, told Deadline last month:

“In terms of Marvel, we have some things that we are in discussions with them right now that we are in development. I’m very excited about it.”

The writer, Allen Heidenberg is well-known for writing the smash hit movie, Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was a smash hit in theaters, giving companies the encouragement to start releasing movies with better female characters. Captain Marvel is set to be released early next year, featuring the story of fictional pilot Carol Danvers as she teams up with an alien military to save the world.

Deadline also reports that:

“A number of female Marvel characters have been adapted in recent years for TV — including Jessica Jones, Agent Carter, Medusa on Inhumans — and film (Fox’s X-Men franchise includes Storm, Mystique and Rogue, played by Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence and Anna Paquin, respectively).”

Keep an eye out for upcoming news on ABC’s new program. So far, neither the plot nor the characters have been revealed. Marvel is usually pretty hush-hush on details like that until the show is ready to premiere. Waiting is a part of the fun!