Need Something To Stream? Here’s What’s New On Netflix This Week

Published on March 23, 2020

If you started self isolating when everyone else did, you’re approaching your second week of leaving the house as little as possible. In between the workout class live streams and organizing your closet you’re also probably spending more time on streaming platforms than ever before. Things that were once new on Netflix felt less exciting a couple of months ago when we had social gatherings to fill our free time with, but now that we don’t—well, we can expect you’ll be looking forward to this list every week.

Here is everything new on Netflix this week to help you get through week two of your COVID-19 isolation. There are some new additions from Netflix Anime, as well as the premiere of a documentary that got a lot of buzz this year at Sundance Film Festival called Crip Camp.

The documentary film is part of the Obama’s library of content coming to Netflix this year, along with documentary series’ like Pandemic, which was, admittedly, timed oddly well-timed given the circumstances. The information in the docuseries feels a bit dated now that we’re living in the reality it theorizes throughout the series, but it’s informational nonetheless. If you haven’t yet streamed Pandemic, along with every other outbreak-related film and movie from the last couple of decades, we truly salute you.

Other new titles heading to Netflix are things like Uncorked, a film about a black man that pursue’s his dream of becoming a master wine sommelier, much to his father’s dismay. The film is part of a growing list of titles that aim to diversify the stories coming to Netflix in recent years, particularly as the company recognizes that there is a need for that in the entertainment industry as a whole.

Anyway, here’s the list of what is for you to check out for yourself:

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