Could The New Kanye Album Be Coming This October?

Published on October 4, 2019

The music industry may work hard but momager Kris Jenner works so. much. harder. Kanye West & Co.—a.k.a. Kim Kardashian West—have been teasing the prospect of a new album for over a year now with little to show for it other than a couple of teased tracks on social media, a picture of a napkin with a supposed tracklist, and the formation of a literal house of worship that may or may not be taking a page out of Kris Jenners book to form an alleged tax haven. The album, which was originally promoted as a second-installment of West’s 2013 album, “Yeezus,” a socio-political masterpiece, has changed names quite a few times—most recently settling at “Jesus Is King.” You know, to fit the whole church thing.

What We Know As Of October 4

“Jesus Is King” has fittingly taken quite the journey to reach our ears. It’s good advertising, at best, since the surprise album drop is so 2013, and utter chaos at worst, considering West is also known for making outrageous decisions and claims unexpectedly. We first got wind of a new album over a year ago, when West announced that “Yandhi” would be released on September 18, 2018. The date came and went, and the album was nowhere to be found. Later, West’s wife Kim Kardashian posted on Twitter that the album would be coming around Thanksgiving, but that release never happened either. Months went by with little news about the album aside from a couple of teaser tracks that have come from videos of West’s Sunday Service events, a gospel-themed church that the rapper started in his Southern California home in January of this year.

By the end of August we were #blessed with another update from Eve Kim Kardashian when she turned toward Twitter to reveal what looked like a new album title and complete tracklist, followed by “September 27th” to reveal a new release date for West’s new album—which was now called “Jesus Is King.” As you can imagine, that release date also came and went with little to show for it, other than a flurry of online news articles claiming to have insider knowledge on when the album would be coming. Instead, we were graced with another Twitter post from Kardashian-West. This time, a photo of a Mariott Hotel note pad listed a new tracklist for “Jesus Is King” with no date.

Could It Be Coming This Month?

One thing has amped up speculation that the album is coming soon, as West has been holding listening parties around the country in recent weeks to promote some project that’s been kept hush-hush despite being somewhat open to the public. West also plans on releasing an IMAX documentary of the same name on October 25, and judging by the fact that his last studio album (we don’t talk about “Ye” here)—”The Life of Pablo”—was released through a worldwide live-streamed listening party in theaters only back in 2016, this would be a very Kanye way of releasing his most anticipated album in years.

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